How James Strath Students Had A Huge Impact On Classmate Saxon Guiel

Eleven-year-old Saxon Guiel had to take many months off from school last year because of issues related with his autism/Tourette's Syndrome and Aspergers.

His Grade 5/6 classmates from James Strath Public School in Peterborough sent him a pile of wonderful cards on the last day of school in June that made him feel special and looking forward to school and being with his classmates this year.

Here is the collection of cards they sent him...


This gesture with its words of encouragement by these James Strath students made a world of difference, and helped Saxon transition back to school this year.

His classmates affectionately named him "Saxor" the dinosaur...


Also, Saxon loves Sonic The Hedgehog and most of the cards included a picture of Sonic...


Of all the amazing cards, this was one of Saxon's favourite—"Keep Shining Even When The Sun Isn't"...


The initial idea for the students sending the cards was by his home room teacher, Mr. Gennings.

His teachers all signed their own card to Saxon as well...


Saxon tells PTBOCanada he will never forget the love and understanding his classmates showed for him:

"It made me feel good and I missed my friends at school."


Saxon read all his cards when he received them and again the night before school this year, and it got him really excited to return.

"I am so grateful the school puts such a great effort into understanding Saxon's autism and Tourette's, and working with him to help him cope," his father Terry tells PTBOCanada. "Our family and in particular Saxon has gone through a great deal as we struggled to find ways to treat him as medications always seemed to make things worse."

"I believe we have found an answer that allows him to return to school but it wouldn't have been possible without an understanding school and faculty, and certainly would not be possible without the love and support of these remarkable classmates."

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