The Comeback Kid: Mike Fisher Comes Out Of Retirement, Returns To Smashville

Peterborough's Mike Fisher had an incredible season with the Nashville Predators last year, captaining the team to within two games of the Stanley Cup.

It would appear he has unfinished business. Yes, Fisher is coming out of retirement for the remainder of the season and is hoping to help lead Smashville to another Stanley Cup run this year (the Preds are currently 3rd place in the Western Conference).


The 37-year-old inspired Smashville with his leadership, grit and poise on and off the ice, and his return is huge for the team and NHL fans—none of whom saw this coming, not even his close friends.

"When Mike called to tell me he was going back, I said, 'Yeah right, they don't need an old man like you,'" his buddy Patrick McAuley tells PTBOCanada. "I thought he was trying to be funny. Once I was convinced he wasn't joking, I was really excited for him. He's a great example for people that hard work and dedication pays off."

The Preds tweeted out the news Wednesday (January 31st)...

Fisher says this will 100 percent be his last season and "he's all in", with a shot at another Hollywood ending—a Stanley Cup—within reach.

"Mike is a great leader, someone you can rely on and look up to," adds McAuley. "I'm honoured to call him a friend and can't wait to see if he can help the team to a Stanley Cup."

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