New Little Lake Cemetery Web Mapping Application Identifies Monuments From Mid-1800s To 2000

The City of Peterborough Geomatics/Mapping Division, the Heritage Preservation Office and Little Lake Cemetery Co. announced on Tuesday (February 6th) the re-launch of an Interactive Web Mapping Genealogy tool highlighting the history of Little Lake Cemetery.

Created in conjunction with students from Fleming College’s Geographic Information Systems program, monuments and markers from the mid-1800’s to 2000 have been identified, photographed and mapped for the public interest.


Users can search the grave marker inventory by surname and/or death date. The search results include records containing family names, the oldest date on the monument and an image of the marker. At any point, the user can freely search the map and click on any grave marker to view corresponding information.

It is recognized that this is not a complete record of interments at the cemetery, but is limited in scope to the task assigned to the students at time of the project. It is the hope of the City of Peterborough and Little Lake Cemetery that future projects will be able to expand and enhance this valuable history tool, building towards a more encompassing historical record of the residents interred and the commemorative artifacts that reside at the cemetery.  


Little Lake Cemetery, established in 1850, is a not-for-profit public trust owned by all who have purchased plots at the cemetery. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors and a professional staff. 

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