Canada Learning Code Hosting Inclusive Workshop For Learning Code Basics At Innovation Cluster

The national not-for-profit Canada Learning Code is hosting an inclusive workshop "Ladies Learning Code: HTML & CSS for Beginners" for anyone to learn code. It will take place inside the Innovation Cluster’s awesome downtown incubator on Saturday, March 24th, from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The mission of the workshop is to provide an inclusive opportunity for anyone to learn code, including beginner’s of coding, women, men and others who may often feel unwelcomed to enter the world of coding or are hesitant and intimidated to start. The workshops provide a social and collaborative environment while promoting careers in technology.

llcode volunteers and staff..jpg

The workshop will allow participants to learn HTML and CSS—an essential skill for web development to create marketing materials, company domains and blog sites.

Participants can expect to learn:

-> basic techniques and concepts that are translatable to other programming languages
-> building blocks of how HTML and CSS work together to create richer online experiences
-> how to create a rich website with images, video, and a CSS-defined layout
-> how to create a multi-page website
-> what resources are available if you’d like to continue learning at home.

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