Peterborough Utilities Crews Just Built An Osprey Nest At London Street Dam

There used to be an osprey nest on the London Street Generating Station dam that was removed for a dam project.

So on Wednesday (March 21st), a Peterborough Utilities crew installed a fancy new nest (including a perch for great views) in the park adjacent to the London Street footbridge.

Photo via Peterborough Utilities Group Facebook page

Photo via Peterborough Utilities Group Facebook page

A second nest and platform will be installed on the North side of the dam in a couple of weeks by PUG crews.

Ospreys are a welcome sight for bird lovers, and these nests help prevent the osprey and their chicks from nesting on transformers and utility poles, and being electrocuted. Not to mention they prevent transformer fires and outages.


The construction of the nest drew rave reviews on Peterborough Utilities Group Facebook page post: "I was walking by as they started," said one commenter. "So glad they are replacing the one taken down for the dam construction. The osprey have been a wonderful sight for the past years. Thanks!"

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