18-Year-Old Student Zach Hatton Is Running For City Council

Eighteen-year-old community advocate Zach Hatton is running for City Council in Northcrest Ward in the upcoming October election. The Grade 12 student at St. Peter Secondary School has a passion for politics, having run for the New Democratic Party in this riding last year. 

Hatton, who will be attending Trent University in the Fall in the Teacher's Education stream while pursing an Arts degree, tells PTBOCanada he is excited about this opportunity and want to help "build and position the city in an even more progressive place." The incumbents in Northcrest Ward are Andrew Beamer and Dave Haacke.

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Hatton believes he has a lot to offer the city and constituents in his ward:

“I’m proud to have been born and raised within this community," Hatton says. "I’m connected to our area through my own personal connections and experiences, and they’ve afforded me a great understanding of Peterborough as a whole. My knowledge will be beneficial to our community when applied to the many pressing issues at City Hall right now.”


Hatton says his great pride in the community played a major role in his decision. Indeed, by deciding to attend Trent University in the Fall, he plans to call Peterborough home for many years to come.

Hatton volunteers at many different places including YourTV (formerly CogecoTV), where he has followed local political issues closely while working on many campaigns at all levels of government—including his own personal run recently for the nomination of the New Democratic Party of Ontario.

Hatton, who intends to use social media aggressively throughout the campaign—namely Twitter and Facebook—will be filing his nomination papers at City Hall on May 1st. You can reach him here for more info.

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