Peterborough Fire Services Experiencing High Number Of Complaints About Open Air Burning

Peterborough Fire Services is experiencing a high number of complaints from residents due to open air burning. Risk of fire spreading and health concerns are mentioned most often. Indeed, even the smell of smoke can cause breathing difficulties in adults and children.

Residents are reminded that open air burning is not permitted within the City of Peterborough. The Ontario Fire Code regulates open air burning in Ontario.


Fire bowls, fire-pit tables and barbeques that burn propane or natural gas are examples of permitted appliances as long as they are approved by the TSSA. Chimineas and other wood-burning devices are not approved appliances for open air fires.

When a complaint is received by Peterborough Fire Services, attending crews will extinguish all open air fires that are not contained in an approved appliance. Enforcement options may be taken against property owners that have open air fires.

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