Township Of Douro-Dummer Chief Fire Official Declares Open Air Fire Ban

With the continued dry conditions in the Township of Douro-Dummer and data supplied from the Wildland Fire Information System, the Township is enabling a fire ban through By-law 2015-05.

No open air burning will be allowed—with the exception of campgrounds as defined within the By-law. These campgrounds must meet the requirements set out in the By-law if they choose to utilize the exemption.


Another factor for enacting this fire ban is that some water sources are no longer available which could lead to shuttling water from further distances, delaying extinguishment.

“We hope that conditions change and we can all enjoy the recreational fires that memories are made from, but until that time please be responsible with all ignition sources, including cigarettes, which have already caused fires along the side of roadways,” says Fire Chief Chuck Pedersen.

Enforcement of set fires during a fire ban may result in a $500 penalty. A response to extinguish such fires can be charged at $465.42 per fire apparatus.

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