14 Unique Paddles & A Walter Walker Cedar-Strip Canoe Will Be Up For Auction At Campfires & Cocktails Event

Paddles that have been painted, carved and adorned by distinguished Canadians and local artists, along with a classic cedar-strip canoe built by the renowned Walter Walker, will be part of a live auction at The Canadian Canoe Museum’s Campfires & Cocktails event on May 4th.

Dr. Roberta Bondar, Peter Mansbridge and Cynthia Dale, Peer Christensen, and John Climenhage, are among those who have created paddles in support of this casual, camp-inspired event. These paddles, along with the 16-foot classic canoe, will be auctioned by special guest Susan Dunkley.

From top to bottom: works by Robert Atyeo, Dr. Roberta Bondar, Tia Cavanagh, Randall Knott, Robyn Jenkins.

From top to bottom: works by Robert Atyeo, Dr. Roberta Bondar, Tia Cavanagh, Randall Knott, Robyn Jenkins.

Campfires & Cocktails will see guests explore the museum’s galleries as they enjoy campfire-inspired cuisine prepared by local culinary experts, and cocktails. The Dixie Hicks, a local country-folk-pop trio featuring Kate Brioux, Melissa Payne and Kate Suhr, will also be performing.

Walter Walker cedar-strip canoe (Photo courtesy Canoe Musuem)

Walter Walker cedar-strip canoe (Photo courtesy Canoe Musuem)

“Each of the individuals who created a paddle did so with great care and consideration and they’re exquisite works of art,” says Caroline Anderson, Annual Giving Co-ordinator. “Dr. Bondar’s paddle features one of her photographs, while Peter Mansbridge and Cynthia Dale painted a striking sunset sky,”

“Meanwhile, Tia Cavanagh, a multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist, painted the full paddle with a white design on a black background to represent stars in the night sky. We saw so much creativity from those we approached and some, like David Hickey and Randall Knott, even decided to do carvings on their paddles. The museum is so grateful for these incredible contributions.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 10.37.10 AM.png

Paddles were generously created and donated by: Robert Atyeo, Dr. Roberta Bondar, Tia Cavanagh, John Climenhage, Peer Christensen, Beth Fisher, Jeannie Guillet, David Hickey, Robyn Jenkins, Jenny Kastner, Randall Knott, Peter Mansbridge and Cynthia Dale, Renee O’Connor and Joe Stable.

The classic canoe, donated to the museum by supporter and volunteer Nan Campbell, will be featured in the live auction, but bids by proxy will also be accepted. Walter Walker worked for the Peterborough Canoe Company for two decades and is remembered as a master in balancing quality and efficiency in his trade.

Guests are encouraged to channel their flannel as part of this casual camp-inspired event. Funds raised will support educational and public programs offered at the museum.

Tickets are $75 per person and are available now on a first-come, first serve basis for this new opportunity to experience the museum’s world-class collection.

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