Mayor Therrien Shuts Down Rumour Mill In Best Way About Her Body With Funny, Powerful Tweet

People in public positions often have to deal with a lot of gossip and conjecture about them—oftentimes in regards to their body. Sometimes the only way to deal with that is to confront it head on. Take this case of Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien as an example.

Mayor Therrien

Mayor Therrien

On Monday (September 23rd), Mayor Therrien posted a tweet about her having to miss City Council due to illness.

She followed it up with this mic drop of a tweet hours later in regards to her pregnancy status (which, of course, is no one’s business but people make it such).

The responses were overwhelmingly positive in regards to her honesty in confronting the gossip head on…

“I’ve heard it through the grapevine about six times now,” Mayor Therrien tells PTBOCanada in regards to her rumour mill tweet. “So no not pregnant, just fat LOL.”

Oh, and she often bikes to work, too, for those that don’t see her car at City Hall and think she’s not working hard. But we’ll leave that up to her to say in another tweet ;)

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