Homecoming: The Bierk Brothers Art Exhibit "After" Opens June 28th At Art Gallery Of Peterborough

For brothers Alex, Jeff, Nick, and Charlie, this summer is a homecoming years in the making. Sons of the late great artist David Bierk, they are bringing their own brand of art to display at Art Gallery of Peterborough in an exhibit titled "AFTER" from June 28th to August 31st—along with some of their father's work as well.

Having grown up in Peterborough under the watchful tutelage of David—one of the greatest artists our country has ever known—the brothers have evolved into incredible artists in their own right. After years of study and practice, and many life experiences, they have carved out a niche for themselves unmatched amongst their peers.

photo by Jeff Bierk

photo by Jeff Bierk

Growing up with well-known siblings Sebastian (musician)—known as Sebastian Bach—Zac (former pro goalie), and sister Dylan (model/actress), these four now have the spotlight on themselves and rightly so.

Alex, Nick and Charlie have all taken up the brush like their father, creating works that need to be seen first-hand to be believed. Jeff, in his own right, has become a photographer whose images capture incredible and often times unreal scenes and subjects.

Painting by Alex Bierk

Painting by Alex Bierk

While they have all moved to Toronto to continue the careers, they have worked so hard—and fulfilled a dream—to return to their hometown to display their work.

People who may have known them as youngsters will be amazed at the growth and development they have achieved through years of putting in time and effort to perfect their crafts.

For more information on "AFTER" exhibit, click here. Follow the Bierk brothers on Twitter @AlexBierk, @JeffBierk, @NickBierk and @CharlieBierk.

—by Aaron Elliott

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