There Is A Bluesmobile Parked In Peterborough

This beauty below was photographed by Andrew Root on Lansdowne Street.

"I'm not sure of the story behind it, but it had all the The Blues Brothers details, down to the black fedora in the back window and the Illinois license plate!" Root tells PTBOCanada.

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[***UPDATE: We are told the owner of the car is Stan Hammond. Stan and his brother, Bob, often perform at events as Jake and Elwood. Their Bluesmobile is a former 1974-440 RCMP police car. They had it shipped here to Peterborough from Edmonton and then had it completely done over to be an exact replica of the cop car in the Blues Brothers movie. Also, Stan and Bob and their Blues Brothers band will be performing December 19th at the Venue.]

photo via  Andrew Root

photo via Andrew Root

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