The Glorious Local Connection On Nashville's Run To Stanley Cup Finals

Unless you've been living under a rock lately—and we do know there are some really nice rocks in our area—you'll have heard by now that the Nashville Predators, Captained by Mike Fisher, are on their way to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in franchise history.

What you might not know is the other epic local connection to the Predators: WWE NXT Champ Bobby Roode—who lives in Peterborough when he's not on the road—and his Glorious Domination theme song have been rocking the Preds and their fans throughout the playoffs.

The #Glorious movement is legitimately sweeping the social media Nation in all of its gloriousness, and fans are taking notice outside of the pro wrestling world.

Seriously, search #Glorious and #Preds and you'll find just as many hockey references now as you'll find wrestling references, as hockey (and beyond) starts to adopt this great theme song and hashtag of Roode's.

Nashville—aka "Smashville"—has become a hockey hotbed and if you're going to see a game live anywhere, it's pretty much unmatched in terms of atmosphere. Adding in anthem singers like Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Kelly Clarkson bring the crowd to life—and Bobby Roode's theme song keeps the crowd on their feet!

Even more meta-Peterborough, Dan O'Toole did this tweet a couple weeks ago...

If the #Glorious ride continues and the Predators win The Cup, we may know a couple guys who might show up to the parade.

By Aaron Elliott

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