Peterborough Releases Interactive Road Construction Map


The City's Infrastructure and Planning Services Department Engineering Division has launched an interactive map identifying road construction work.

The interactive map shows the road construction projects throughout the City, listing project contact information, anticipated completion date and details on the type of work being performed. The map also identifies new subdivisions currently under development.


  • Crack Seal

  • Road Reconstruction

  • Sewer Replacement / Spot Repairs

  • Sidewalk (Public Works) - Reconstruction

  • Sidewalk/Trail - New Construction

  • Subdivision

  • Resurfacing

Plus you can also toggle 2018 Special Projects, and even go back and look at 2016 and 2017 completed projects.

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City of Peterborough Is Moving To Online Registration For Recreation Programs

You will soon be able to search and register for programs online from your computers and mobile devices, thanks to the City of Peterborough.

They are now working together with PerfectMind—makers of innovative membership management, program registration, and facility booking software—to offer a user-friendly platform to connect members of the community with cultural and recreation services.


PerfectMind's unique platform has been used by major city governments throughout North America. PerfectMind improves the customer experience significantly by making it easy to find, reserve, and pay for programs and services using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Beginning in November, the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre (PSWC) was the first City facility offering the new software system. The PSWC features leisure and therapy pools, gymnasium, fitness centre, and a variety of health and fitness programs serving the residents of Peterborough and Fleming College, and will utilize a broad range of PerfectMind features within its membership base.

The balance of recreation, arenas, cultural services, and facilities will become active in the new system throughout December and January 2018.

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Council Approves New Facility Agreement Between Peterborough Petes & City Of Peterborough

Council Approves New Facility Agreement Between Peterborough Petes & City Of Peterborough

Councillors vote to approve funding request

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City of Peterborough Comes On As Major Funding Partner For The Innovation Cluster

The Innovation Cluster has announced $300,000 in funding from the City of Peterborough to assist in the operational costs of the new downtown incubator devoted to innovation and technology start-ups. The expanded downtown incubator in the VentureNorth building will put Peterborough on the map as a city for start-ups to grow and succeed.

Many people are surprised to find out that the Innovation Cluster is a not-for-profit organization that does not take equity in the start-up companies that it supports—a model that many other incubators adhere to.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Innovation Cluster relies on support from its major funding partners: the Province of Ontario through the Ontario Centres of Excellence, the Peterborough Region Angel Network, Trent University, Fleming College, and now the City of Peterborough.

The funding from the City will in part be used to subsidize the open concept space for start-ups that are accepted into the Cube for a period of time, reducing the financial burden of getting started for early stage companies.

Successful applicants will forgo the significant expense of rent initially to focus on other important aspects of building a company. The funding will also help to expand the Innovation Cluster’s unique programming that is designed to sky rocket clients' businesses.

The unique and modern downtown space provides entrepreneurs with an inspiring, motivating and collaborative environment to operate their start-ups out of with full time access to mentors, advisors and hands-on workshops. The renovations of this space are expected to be completed in early February.

With more than 60 incubated and virtual client companies (and counting), two locations and only four full time staff, the Innovation Cluster is looking forward to expanding its current operations to better serve these incredible future job creators.

“This funding will allow for the Innovation Cluster to focus on what we do best and help entrepreneurs in Peterborough and the Kawarthas,” says President & CEO Michael Skinner, who is ecstatic that the City of Peterborough has joined the cause to help entrepreneurs create new high tech jobs.

In 2010, Canada had over 100 operating business incubators. In these incubators, 900 client firms raised revenues in excess of $93 million while creating full and part-time employment for more than 13,000 people. The five year survival rate for incubator clients has been reported from 75 percent to as high as 87 percent, much higher than a start-up making a go of it on their own.

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15 Awesome Things About The LOFT – Downtown Youth Space At PCVS

15 Awesome Things About The LOFT – Downtown Youth Space At PCVS

Sponsored post by The LOFT Downtown Youth Space

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Trent University Approved As Site for Peterborough’s New Arena Complex

Trent University and the City of Peterborough have announced plans to build a new arena complex on the East Bank of Trent’s Symons Campus, following a unanimous vote at City Council.

The new arena development—which will be located at the intersection of Nassau Mills Road and Pioneer Road—will provide innovative sports and recreation opportunities and facilities.

It will complement the surrounding Trent Nature Areas and access to the Otonabee River, and will serve as an important step forward in the economic and social development of the north end of Peterborough.

“A new twin-pad community arena in the city’s north end, next to Trent University, will improve access to sport-and-recreation opportunities in our community, benefiting the health and well-being of the city’s residents,” says Mayor Daryl Bennett. “We’re thrilled that Trent is supporting this project, which provides the land and potential for the development of a regional sports complex.”
***The University will deed 22-24 acres of land to the City of Peterborough for the construction of the complex, which will fulfill the City’s need to replace the existing Northcrest Arena and will increase the amount of ice time available to the community.

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City Of Peterborough Releasing App To Engage Electors

The City of Peterborough is using social media to engage electors in the 2014 Municipal Election. YouTube, Twitter and a City of Peterborough smartphone application will put election information at the fingertips of City electors, according to a city release.

“Municipal government has a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of residents. We want to make it as easy as possible for electors to be informed about the 2014 Municipal Election, and believe that adding social media to our traditional communication strategies will be effective,” says City Clerk John Kennedy in a release.

The City of Peterborough YouTube channel provides two informative videos—one that takes a light approach to general information on the 2014 Municipal Election, and one that focuses on accessible voting and assistive technologies available for voters who have various types of disabilities.

The City’s Twitter account @CityPtbo, which was launched in August 2013, provides timely information on City news, events and services. Twitter followers will continue to receive key election information and announcements.

Later this month, the City will launch an application for smartphones and tablets. The Official City of Peterborough App will feature up-to-date election information, maps/directions to Voting Locations, and a portal to Internet Vote between October 14th and October 27th, 2014.

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You Could Be A Gold Star Recycler & Win Prizes

This summer, the County and City of Peterborough have joined together and will be performing random inspections of blue boxes looking for Gold Star Recyclers. A Gold Star Recycler is someone who uses two blue boxes to sort their containers from their paper products, and their boxes are sorted correctly with no garbage, hazardous waste or electronics.

If you are a gold star recycler—a rock star of recycling—you will be left a gold star sticker, and will be eligible for some great prizes (see poster below for details on the prizes!).

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The City Of Peterborough Embraces Social Media By Joining Twitter @CityPtbo

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 2.37.43 PM.png

The City of Peterborough has taken a big step—they are on Twitter and tweeting  @CityPtbo. We wanted to find out why they took this step now, and the back story on how it came together. Heather Watson, Councillor Services Assistant with the City of Peterborough, explains in this interview.

PTBOCANADA: This is a big step for the city. How much planning and logistics went into deciding to activate this account? Has it been in the works for a while? Many internal conversations? What were your main concerns in joining Twitter?

WATSON: There has been a group working on a social media policy since the Mayor was elected in 2010. After much collaboration, a social media policy was adopted by Council in the Spring of this year. The policy and accompanying procedure explored the use of various social channels by each of the departments within the City. Concerns discussed and addressed were the timely responses to postings, regular monitoring and security (password management, who has access etc.).
The Mayor's Office was not involved in the working group, however we did have input once a draft policy was presented. Our concern was to ensure that members of Council would be free to maintain social media profiles and respond to their constituents in a way that they saw fit. We also wanted to know that staff who managed the accounts were able to respond to requests made through social channels in a timely way to provide good customer service.

PTBOCANADA: Who will be looking after the account and will it be monitored during weekdays only? Will there be interaction with Tweeters (aka "tweeps") who have  questions/concerns?
WATSON: Any City department or program can start a social profile. As in the case of the City of Peterborough Twitter account, staff are assigned to be responsible for the management, monitoring and responding to queries. The @CityPtbo is managed through Corporate Services staff member Sharron Hayton. The account will be monitored Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. The purpose of the account is to relay messages as it relates to media releases and information that is already public. Interaction with tweeps will be responsive to questions and to refer them to the right channel.

PTBOCANADA: What is the main "mission" of the account?
WATSON: To get messages out to City residents in a timely way and to respond to customer service inquiries.

PTBOCANADA: Do you see this as another step in the city embracing the age of social media? Mayor Bennett, of course, has been on Twitter for a while.
WATSON: Yes. This is something that Mayor Bennett has been encouraging since being elected. Now that a policy has been adopted by Council, citizens can expect to see more engagement through social channels. He was the first Mayor to tweet in the City of Peterborough, has held two Twitter Town Halls to engage citizens and he proclaimed June 30, 2013 as Social Media Day in the City to recognize the important role that social media plays in our community.

PTBOCANADA: Will it be used in times of emergency for the city?

WATSON: This account will be used to get timely information out to citizens during times of emergency.


Note: Watson notes there are a number number of City departments/programs that currently maintain Twitter sites. Here they are:
Peterborough Airport: @PtboAirport
GPA EDC: @PtboEcDev
Peterborough Fire Services: @PtboFireRescue
Peterborough Museum & Archives: @OntheHill3
Peterborough Lakefield Police: @PLCPS
Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre: @PSWC1
Peterborough Transit: @PeterboroughTr1
Peterborough Utilities: @ptbo_utilities
Riverview Park & Zoo: @RiverviewZoo

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Information On Ice Storm Cleanup In Peterborough

From a City of Peterborough release today...

The recent ice storm has resulted in the damage and loss of numerous trees in the City of Peterborough. The resulting cleanup of City owned trees will be undertaken over the next week by City staff on a priority basis. Roads, boulevards and sidewalks will be addressed first, then trails, parks and open spaces next.

City residents who have limbs and debris from privately owned trees are asked to use the City’s Green Waste Collection program for their disposal needs. Guidelines for collection are located on the City’s website at, and include the following:

• Lifts can be no heavier than 22kgs (50lbs) and no longer than 1m (3ft) in length
• Unlimited quantities of green waste collected when in reusable containers (with labels), bushel baskets or paper yard waste bags.
• Set out green waste no earlier than 7pm the night before or no later than 7am the morning of your collection.

Limbs which are larger than the collection guidelines will be the responsibility of the resident or property owner to locate suitable disposal methods. The City County Landfill Site located on Bensfort Road will accept such wood waste at their regular posted rates (up to 100 kg free).

Citizens are asked to use caution when they are using the many City owned open spaces and parklands which contain wooded areas, because dangers may still be present until thorough inspections of these areas can be completed. Public Safety concerns can be addressed to Public Works at 705-745-1386.
The co-operation of City residents in these efforts is appreciated.

[image via Twitter]


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