Country Music Star Dean Brody Stopped By The Peterborough Humane Society... And (LOL) This Happened

Canadian Country music star Dean Brody was in Peterborough on Saturday performing at the Memorial Centre as part of his Beautiful Freakshow tour.

But Brody, a huge animal lover, also took some time out from his busy tour schedule to stop by the Peterborough Humane Society and visit with the dogs, cats, volunteers and staff.

Also, a cute and hilarious thing happened there that Brody posted about on his Facebook page, along with the below photo.

"We posed for a group shot and the kitten decided to have a poop—it was hysterical," the Humane Society's Susan Porter Dunkley tells PTBOCanada. "But Dean was a gentleman and he just smiled, caught it and then washed up. He is a class act for sure."

Congrats Dean, this will go down as one of the best poop catches ever caught on photograph!

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