The Beloved Zoo Camel Gobi Has Passed Away

UPDATE (March 25th): People are leaving signs at the camel exhibit in honour of Gobi at the zoo. “We live in a wonderful community,” Zoo Manager & Curator Jim Moloney tells PTBOCanada. Here are some below (with Gobi’s mate Baika pictured in the background)…



ORIGINAL POST (March 25th)

It is with great sadness that the staff of Riverview Park and Zoo have announced the death of their 10-year-old male Bactrian camel, Gobi.

Gobi came to the Park and Zoo from the Elmvale Zoo in the summer of 2009. With his large size, expressive face, and inquisitive and engaging nature, Gobi was a favourite with many of the zoo’s visitors.  



Gobi had been in good health and his death was both sudden and unexpected. He was found to be very ill when Animal Care Staff arrived on Saturday morning.

The Park and Zoo’s Consulting Veterinarian and Animal Health Team provided treatment and care throughout the day but unfortunately Gobi died overnight Saturday night. His sudden death was an especially difficult loss for staff.

His remains have been sent to the Animal Health Laboratory at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph for determination of the cause of death.

Gobi Grumpy.jpg

The zoo would like thank their staff, staff from the Water Treatment Plant, and Dr. John Sallaway for their assistance in responding to Gobi’s sudden illness.

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Camels Gobi And Zaya Monkeying Around In The Snow At Riverview Park & Zoo

Yes, Gobi (a 6-year-old male) and Zaya (3-year-old female) definitely seem to dig Winter. Look at these adorable pics of them being all affectionate and playful taken recently at Riverview Park & Zoo. It starts with a snow beard and ends with a snow bath. Someone get these two a Twitter account like the sloths Porsche and Ferrari have @PtboSloths!


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