PtboCanada Interview: Singer-Songwriter Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas performing at Gordon Best TheatreRecently, PtboCanada had a chance to catch up with Canadian musician Hannah Georgas and ask her a few questions. Georgas has been touring the heck out of North America since her debut full length album, This Is Good, was released earlier this year.

Over this past weekend, Georgas opened for local boy Royal Wood, who was performing at the Gordon Best Theatre. Here is what she had to say:

The new album which you are touring behind is titled
This Is Good. What are you referring to with this title? 

Georgas: One of the tracks on the record is entitled "This Is Good." I feel like that song sheds a similar light as to how the record all came together for me. The song was inspired by a really great memory and moment for me. I had premeditated and hoped for it to happen, and it came to fruition. I feel like the record is a similar circumstance. 


 What's so good about being Hannah Georgas right now?

Georgas: I get to hang out in a van with four handsome boys for the next month on tour. Playing music and traveling isn't so bad either.

Though you grew up in nearby Newmarket, Ontario, you're more closely associated with Vancouver and the West Coast. Do you feel your music speaks to either of those places more than the other?

Georgas: Songwriting is a very personal process and I find that I'm influenced by my surroundings and where I'm at in my life. The past few years I have been living in B.C., and have been affected by the people I've met, relationships I've made and challenges I've faced. Wherever I am in my life, that is what tends to come out in my songwriting.



PtboCanada: Any funny stories about touring with Royal Wood? You guys getting along? 

Georgas: We all like to make jokes and laugh backstage before, in between and after our sets. We're quite the rowdy bunch I tell ya. Good times.

Let's give our readers a sense of you and your personality via your musical background. What's your favorite album of all time?

Georgas: I love the record No Need To Argue by The Cranberries.

PtboCanada: Who's your biggest fan?

Georgas: I would have to say my manager.

[Q&A by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin; pictures by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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