Developer Paul Bennett On His Vision For Taking Back The Waterfront (Including A 100 Unit Condo Building He's Proposing)

As part of his vision to “take the waterfront back and make it part of the public realm”, Peterborough developer Paul Bennett has a dream to build a 100-unit high-end condo development for Crescent Street on Little Lake near the Art Gallery of Peterborough. He’ll soon be submitting his plans (the building is designed by Lett Architects) to the city for approval.

In this guest post below for PTBOCanada, Bennett—President of Ashburnham Realty, one of the Co-Founders of VentureNorth and interim chairman of the DBIA—writes about his vision for the waterfront and this proposed waterfront property (for years, he’s been buying up enough properties along there to make this happen)…

Lett Architect rendering of condo unit proposed for Little Lake

Lett Architect rendering of condo unit proposed for Little Lake

This project has been many years in the making, and I think it will be a real catalyst to help our City develop in a positive way. We have a very large list of people who are interested in living close to the core in high quality suites/residences. 

This is very exciting for us as we strongly believe in a more urbanized Peterborough that promotes a healthy, active and fun lifestyle. Peterborough is a very special community that we love, and we are looking forward to celebrating this idea of community more with this project and another one we have coming up next year in East City.     

Our waterfront is truly one of Peterborough’s greatest features and up until now it has lacked the attention it deserves. The vision for this project started 12 years ago and aims to take the waterfront back and make it a community asset by eliminating all traffic and creating trails, landscaped areas, art installations and gathering nodes along the Trans Canada trail.  

Larger Cities like Chicago showed proactive and smart planning by keeping the waterfront public and their City has greatly benefited from this vision. We have that same opportunity here—especially once the City is able to complete the full trail loop over into East City.

This coupled with the potential of a Del Crary park rejuvenation and a new world class Art Gallery makes the Little Lake area an amazing location for increased residential density. Our goal is to make Peterborough the best place in Canada to live and we feel this project will help us take a step in this direction.   

The Crescent St building itself will be approximately 100 suites (depending on the final mix of suites and whether clients decide to combine suites). They will be both private residences and luxury rental suites, and there will be a mix of many styles of suites (townhomes, lofts, penthouses, etc.).  

The building will have amenities that will make it Peterborough’s first true luxury community that will cater to those in our community that are looking for high end suites, beautiful views, walkable central location and building services that have yet to be offered in Peterborough. Our City is in drastic need of housing across all spectrums. This building looks to satisfy one of the markets that we see a large demand for.

We do, however, need to find solutions to the apartment affordability issue. We are working with a local housing provider to create a cool affordable project close to the core. We hope to announce this project and timing before Christmas. 

We are all members of this community and we need to find ways to help this City grow in a positive way that includes finding options across the whole housing spectrum. We hope that our upcoming projects will help address many of the areas of the demand.  

Below is a quote from Michael Gallant, who designed the property for us. I think it does a great job of capturing the initial vision I went to Lett Architects with years ago…

"Peterborough is changing. The Ashburnham Crescent street development is responding to the growing desire for housing options that cater to a more urban lifestyle in a central location. The design is inspired by its proximity to Little Lake, with plans to reclaim a section of Crescent street to provide new public park space, trail connections, and the potential to naturalize the shoreline. Many of the units are designed to encourage a relationship with its surroundings, embracing what’s best about Peterborough: its community, its waterfront, and its central area.”

—guest post by Paul Bennett for PTBOCanada

Learn more about Bennett’s vision for Peterborough, the downtown and smart, sustainable growth in this interview he conducted on our show PTBOCanada earlier this year…

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A Local Company Wants To Build A Water Park On Little Lake

Peterborough couple Jason and Niki Pulchinski have a dream: to construct a water park on Little Lake in this city they love.

Their Peterborough-based company At The Lake Distributing Inc.—which sells water toys and docks, and has installed water parks across the country—wants to construct a quarter million dollar inflatable water park on Little Lake.

Here is a 3D rendering ATL Distributing provided to PTBOCanada of a possible location on Little Lake...

Little Lake rendering

Little Lake rendering

The Pulchinski's company has a proven track record: They have installed water parks (see pics below) at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario; Camp Qwanoes in Crofton, British Columbia; Clevelands House Resort in Minett, Ontario; Sunshine House Boats in Cranbrook, British Columbia and an upcoming one at Railyard Wake Park in Mount Albert, Ontario this summer.

Deerhurst Resort Splash Zone

Deerhurst Resort Splash Zone

Camp Qwanoes Park

Camp Qwanoes Park

Clevelands House Resort

Clevelands House Resort

These parks really add a wow factor to any place that installs one, and this is what ATL Distributing wants to bring to Peterborough—thinking it could be great for locals but also an awesome tourist attraction being near the Trent Severn Waterway and Lift Lock for boaters coming through from all parts.

It could help put Peterborough on the map even more.

Rendering of Rail Yard Aquapark

Rendering of Rail Yard Aquapark

ATL want to pay the city to put up this water park (they are open to different locations but suggested one near Del Crary Park and the Art Gallery of Peterborough—see rendering at top of post), and incur all the costs associated with running it (insurance, security, and everything else involved in the running of this park).

It would be run by ATL and it would create at least six well paid jobs, the company tells PTBOCanada. Safety is top of mind: There would be lifeguards, and lifejackets would be required wear. They also would partner with local businesses, kids camps and kids charities to get people downtown.

Water park 3D rendering courtesy ATL Distributing

Water park 3D rendering courtesy ATL Distributing

"Bringing a water park to Peterborough is really for the attraction of people to our beautiful downtown and Del Crary Park by Little Lake," ATL says.
Jason has reached out to the City of Peterborough and is hoping to get a meeting to present an elaborate proposal to them of how their company can work with the muncipality on the project. Without their blessing, the water park will not happen.

In the meantime, Jason and Niki will continue to dream big, believing this project could create a huge splash here. They hope to someday see kids and adults from Peterborough and beyond creating family memories at this water park on Little Lake in the Kawarthas.

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Check Out This Great Video Of Centennial Fountain On Little Lake

We're so lucky to have The Centennial Fountain at Little Lake in Peterborough, which is the highest jet fountain in Canada.

Installed in 1967, the water shoots up 76m (250 feet).

And it creates beautiful rainbows...

Doug Logan from Fine Homes Photo filmed this great video of the fountain (screengrabs from it are pictured above). Watch it below...

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Amazing Historical Video Of The Construction Of The Little Lake Fountain

This film below on the design and construction of the Centennial Fountain in Little Lake via Chex Daily is some of the best historical footage you'll ever watch.

The fountain, installed in 1967, is the highest jet fountain in Canada. This is ingenuity at its finest.

Watch this video below...

[via CHEX Daily on Facebook]

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This Is An Absolutely Stunning Fall Image Of Little Lake

Linda McIlwain tweeted this image to us of the Little Lake fountain with East City as a backdrop, and it's magical. It's like a painting. Yes, we so totally dig it. And there's even a little rainbow in there.


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Check Out This Beauty Rainbow Over Little Lake


[via @trollwag

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PTBOPic: There Has Been A Slingshot Chair Malfunction


The rubber band on one of the slingshot chairs at Little Lake has malfunctioned, so sadly they are off limits until repairs can be done.

[Photo by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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Little Lake Centennial Fountain Lights Up For Sirens For Life


As an extension of Canadian Blood Services summer long campaign Sirens For Life, the Little Lake Centennial Fountain will be lit up red for the next week to remind everyone of the importance and ongoing need for blood donors. 

Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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Police Report On Oshawa Man Who Drowned On Little Lake Today

From Peterborough Lakefield Police...

On 01Jul12, The Peterborough Lakefield Police Service, The Peterborough Fire Service and the OPP Dive Team were called to Little Lake to investigate a drowning.  The incident began at 3:30 pm this afternoon.  The victim was swimming just south of the Art Gallery when he went under.

At 8:00 pm, the OPP Dive Team recovered the body of a 30 year old Oshawa male.  Charles URQHART was pronounced dead at the scene and has been transported to Toronto for  post mortem.

The family was all together at the scene and was supported by the Peterborough Police Victim Services and Police Chaplain.


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Video: Flash Mob At Little Lake Yesterday To Raise Awareness For Canadian Mental Health Association

[YouTube; Peterborough CMHA]

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