The Market Hall Clock Is Now Digital, Includes Emoji To Brighten Your Day

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day!!


After adding LED lights to the iconic Market Hall clock back in January of 2018, further upgrades were completed over the weekend to convert all four faces to digital.


If you look up on your drive to work in downtown Peterborough, you might not notice that the entire face of the clock is a screen… but you will be sure to do a double take when an emoji is smiling down at you.

Here’s a quote from a press release…

“We had so much positive feedback from our themed coloured lights that this year we wanted to take it one step further!”


The digital faces also replace the old clockwork machinery that frequently broke down, according to a press release…

“While the new screens were pricey to install, they are rated to work all the way to -40. That's something that we come to expect from our Canadian winters. We think they will pay for themselves vs. the costly repairs of the previous machinery.”

Since it is digital, various emoji can be shown to create a playful vibe downtown while still showing the current time.

—by Evan Holt

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