Independent Record Shop ZAP Records Opening Location At Former Moondance

Independent record shop ZAP Records, which has been located in Downtown Cobourg since 1991, has announced they are opening another location in Downtown Peterborough in the former Moondance store location (425 George St. N.).

“We’ve known Mike at Moondance forever, shopping his collection like every other record collector, and we were just as surprised when he announced his retirement," says Zap Records owner Tim Gorman. "After watching the response and talking with people in Peterborough, we knew we had to do what we could to make sure the location continued to be an independent record shop."

Photo courtesy Tim Gorman

Photo courtesy Tim Gorman

"Mike and Moondance will be missed, and we can obviously never replace him, but we hope that Peterborough will be just as excited as we are to keep the torch burning for independent record shops in downtown Peterborough," adds Gorman, who will be manning the Peterborough store with additional staff.

ZAP Records plans to open the Peterborough location by the end of June, with a great collection of new and previously owned vinyl, CD’s, collectibles and more. They will continue to special order music for customers in search of rare and precious albums.

Their current location in downtown Cobourg will stay exactly where it is.

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It Was A Marvelous Ride For A Moondance

It's the end of an era for an iconic downtown Peterborough music store. Moondance, which generations of vinyl lovers have been going to (it opened in 1972) is closing.

After surviving all the changes that have taken place in the music industry, the owner of the independent music store Mike Taveroff announced on a Facebook post that he is retiring, and the store will close for good Saturday, April 28th.


Moondance, whose About Us page on Facebook jokes that, "We're so old that we have music that isn't even on the internet!", was known as the place where you could track down any obscure recording—and if they didn't have it Mike would special order it for you.

"We hope that you’ll come in and check out the great deals to be had and have a blast from your past in this iconic place," he writes in the Facebook post.

Make sure to take a trip down memory lane and visit before it closes.

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