The Peterborough Police Car Decal Spelled Polce Has Been Fixed

A photo making the rounds on social media platforms around town shows a photo of a Peterborough Police car with the decal "POLCE" instead of "POLICE". Oops.

Now obviously it was a typo—mistakes happen all the time. You can look at something a million times and just miss it.

Look at what happened out East...

Anyway, the decal has been fixed now Peterborough Police tell us.

"We can confirm that the vehicle is one of our Police cruisers that was recently repaired," says Lauren Gilchrist from the communications department. "It was removed from Service immediately and the decal has now been fixed."

And police are having good fun with it on Twitter, responding with this tweet to someone who tweeted the picture to them.

LOL, well played.


And update: Another well played tweet...


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