Riverview Park and Zoo Announces Death of Their Beloved Sloth Porsche

With great sadness, Riverview Park and Zoo staff have announced the death of their female Two-Toed Sloth named Porsche.

Porsche came to the Park and Zoo from the Calgary Zoo along with Ferrari following the devastating Calgary flood in the summer of 2013. With her gentle nature, captivating eyes and charming behavior, Porsche was very popular with zoo visitors.

Best buds Porsche and Ferrari

Best buds Porsche and Ferrari

The zoo says that Porsche had struggled with several serious medical issues over the past few years, requiring extra support from their Animal Care and Animal Health Staff. But she seemed to be doing well recently, so her sudden death was unexpected and a difficult loss for staff.

Porsche died overnight on Monday, March 4th from the final stages of kidney disease. She was twenty-seven years old.

porsche 02.jpg

The zoo thanks their staff and Dr. John Sallaway for their assistance with Porsche’s ongoing treatment and care.

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The Adorable Sloths At The Riverview Zoo Will Soon Be On Public Display

 [UPDATED October 4th: The sloths have moved to their new location in the Squirrel Monkey exhibit at the Primate Building. They will be available for public viewing there starting on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. As the zoo says, "Please keep in mind, they really do like to sleep most of the day!"

[UPDATED September 26th: Jim Moloney, Manager and Curator for Riverview, tell us "Unfortunately we have had another situation to deal with that has put us behind schedule with the sloths. At this time I'm guessing we're going to be about a week later." 


[UPDATED:  Jim Moloney, Manager and Curator for the Riverview Zoo, tells us, "If we don't run into problems we may be able to have them on exhibit for the weekend of September 28th."]

Porsche and Ferrari, the two sloths that came to the Riverview Zoo from the flood-damaged Calgary Zoo earlier this summer, are settling nicely into their new digs. The sloths arrived at the zoo August 15th and have been in quarantine ever since to adapt to their new surroundings—if all goes well (they have passed all their medical tests so far), they should be on exhibit in the next week or so. The zoo has been tweeting photos and updates in recent weeks (see below) of the sloths as they get used to their new environment. We can't wait to meet them.


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