Here's Where Seinfeld And Friends Should Visit While In Town

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know the news: Jerry Seinfeld is in Peterborough performing this Saturday at the Memorial Centre. That is great news for our city in that one of TV's most successful people ever is bringing his comedy tour our way. In honour of Mr. Seinfeld coming to town, we give you a list of places he and his friends should visit!

1. Soupçon (The Soup Nazi). This is an easy one! There is plenty of Soup For You!


2. East City Coffee Shop (pretty much every episode). It might not be on the corner, but this is a great spot to meet up with friends and talk about your day.

3. Showplace (The Friar’s Club) Jerry and his friends can sit on the balcony to watch a magic show and not be afraid to have his Friar’s Club jacket taken again!

4. Roger’s Cove (The Marine Biologist). Kramer can hit a few golf balls into Little Lake without fear of forcing George to become a Marine Biologist again.

5. Peterborough Public Library (The Library). Our librarians are pretty nice with overdue book fees.

6. Jackson’s Park (The Andrea Doria). If Jerry wants to see Elaine get hit in the head by a bird in a park, this is his best bet.

7. Daisy Chinese Restaurant (The Chinese Restaurant). They probably won’t have to wait as long for a seat.

8. Chex Studios (The Shoes). Jerry and George could approach Chex like they did NBC to produce a pilot for a new sitcom.


9. YMCA (The Boyfriend). Just like meeting Keith Hernandez at a Y in New York, Jerry can meet a lot of local athletes training here.


PTBOCanada's Aaron Elliott

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