These Guys Put Together A 14 Foot 7 Inch Snowman On Super Bowl Sunday

In the warmup to Super Bowl Sunday, Darryl Robertson and a bunch of his buddies in Peterborough played some snow football, just like they do every year before the big game.

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This year was a little different, with all that amazing 20 centimetres of white stuff that fell. When they got back from playing, they saw that the neighbours had constructed a 8 foot snowman. "All us adults decided we could do better," Robertson tells PTBOCanada.

So they got out some ladders and went to work on him...


Ninety minutes later, the guys had made the snowman on Laing Court into an epic dude that now stands 14 feet, 7 inches high.


The guys definitely scored a touchdown with neighbours and onlookers building this snowman. Well played.


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