The Peterborough Little Lake Musicfest 2010 Season Starts This Saturday

The Little Lake Musicfest (formerly The Festival of Lights) will soon kick off another season of music at Del Crary Park. What better way to while away a summer evening with like-minded music fans.

It would seem to be the focus of the Little Lake Musicfest to appeal to a wide audience. A rambling array of musical genres are on the lineup, with some tribute acts mixed in there too.

The festival kicks off the season with a concert this Saturday (June 26th), featuring Canadian country and western favourite George Canyon. From there on, the season continues with shows from the likes of Valdy (July 7th), Trooper (July 31) and The Blues Brothers Review (August 14).

Great local music gets dropped into the mix on Thursday, July 1, with a Canada Day show featuring The Weber Brothers. The second half of a local double whammy comes on Saturday, July 3, when the spotlight falls on blues sensation Jimmy Bowskill.

While the Canada Day show falls on a Thursday because of the holiday, most shows follow a Wednesday/Saturday rotation. The season comes to a close with former Monkee, Davy Jones, taking the stage on Saturday, August 28th.

For more details on the festival, click here.

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[Peterborough Little Lake Music Festival: website, on Facebook, on Twitter]

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Spotlight: Peterborough Singer-Songwriter Andrea Gauster

Singer-songwriter Andrea Gauster, who attended St. Peter's Secondary School in Peterborough, is now recording her first full length album—it's due out early August—and an Eastern Canada tour will follow in August, along with a CD Release Party at Supermarket in Toronto on August 26th.

Gauster, who is also in med school at Queen's University, explains to PtboCanada how her music career got started:

"I always played guitar and sang but rarely did so publicly (major stage fright)... until my sister asked me to sing at her wedding, for which I wrote my first song, 'I Knew', in 2008. The recording studio Euphonic Sound in Toronto was offering free studio time... I went in to record 'I Knew' so my sister could have a tangible copy of the song.

I met James Pew (my producer) at the studio and he liked what he heard, asked for more, and encouraged me to do an EP with him. My first album Reverie was born! The rest is history."
Gauster, who's back in Peterborough for the summer (when not recording or touring), says it's tricky juggling her music career with school but plans to continue to pursue both. In September, she returns to Kingston to begin her second year of med school but hopes to continue playing live shows within Ontario until next summer when she can tour again.

Here's a promo video that looks at the making of the new album:

And here's this cute song, "Follow Me", Gauster wrote about Twitter that we're totally digging:

[Andrea Gauster back in the studio; Follow Me - Andrea Gauster's Twitter Tune; Andrea Gauster on Twitter; Andrea Gauster on Facebook; Andrea Gauster on MySpace; Andrea Gauster - CBC Radio 3; YouTube - andreagauster's Channel]

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Peterborough's Music & Arts Scene Rocks (Exhibit A: Bear Trees)

Bear Trees are a new local pop band, spreading their collective wings across the local music scene. The band is lead by Mike Duguay, a multifaceted scenester who seems to display an unending energy to explore all facets of his creativity. On any given night, you might find him and his band opening for any number of touring musical acts passing through town. Then again, you might find him taking the stage for a play or performance piece as part of a local, improvised theatre troop.

It’s people like Mike Duguay, and projects like Bear Trees, which are forever springing out of the local arts scene. The lush arts community we are blessed to witness here in Peterborough on a daily basis would be nothing without people like Duguay and dozens just like him.

This town is ripe with folks wanting to collaborate, organize, promote and spread the gospel of the talented folks who create here. Peterborough's vibrant arts scene is a known calling card across this country. This town has long been a draw for artists of all disciplines, bringing great music, leading edge visuals and dynamic performance to venues across the city.

Renowned painter David Bierk and a team of like minds put Peterborough on the visual arts map when they initiated Artspace in the mid-seventies. Artspace was and remains a cutting edge nest of creativity where local and touring visual ideas brew. Recently, the much lauded debut album by roots-centric band Evening Hymns was born from a series of recording sessions within those same art covered walls.

You needn’t look very hard to discover music in this town. The Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, choral groups, and singer-songwriters alongside punk and metal bands carry on a thriving existence here. Welcoming venues are peppered throughout the city, hosting live music on a nightly basis.

It’s this tangible, communal, supportive nature which benefits both the artists and performers as well as the audiences who have witnessed the spoils of this for decades.

--Jeffrey Macklin, PtboCanada contributor

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Peterborough's The Spades Rock. Just Sayin'

And they're playing the Historic Red Dog this Saturday! Bring it.

[The Spades website; The Spades on twitter; The Historic Red Dog]

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Platinum Blonde Playing The Montreal House

Since Platinum Blonde is playing the MOHO this Friday, we got a little nostalgic:

[Platinum Blonde, The Montreal House]

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