57 Signs You're From Peterborough, Eh

You can take the person out of the Peterborough but you can't take the Peterborough out of the person. Here are signs you're from the Patch...

1. You were on an episode of Campus Quiz

2. When someone asks you where are you from, you yell "Peterborough!!!!!"

3. You wear plaid. Lots

4. You have at least one kid named George, Hunter or Charlotte, and King was under consideration until your partner from out of town nixed it

5. You totally rock out at any party more than anyone else, no matter where you are in the world

6. When you see a canoe, you get extremely excited

7. When you tell someone you're from Peterborough, they say "Home of the Peterborough Petes?"

8. You expect every zoo to have free admittance

9. You have a bunch of baseball caps in your closet, and they're all backwards because that's how you wear 'em

10. You like ketchup chips. Or dill pickle

11. When you see an indie band on tour, you assume they're from Peterborough

12. You have a Lakers or Petes jersey in your closet

13. You or someone you know has a George Elliott print hanging in the house

14. You expect all music festivals around the world to be free and amazing all at once

15. You own a "I'd Rather be in Peterborough" shirt

16. You are on a first name basis with your local weatherman.

17. You know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is friends with Sebastian Bach

18. Someone in your family works at GE, Quaker or PRHC. And someone once worked for Outboard Marine

19. When you drive by Oshawa, you put the pedal to the medal and you stare straight ahead and just give'r

20. You cry whenever you have to leave Peterborough after a visit home

21. You didn't mind one bit staying home for college at Fleming or university at Trent

22. You know who Jimmy Lightshow is

23. You miss an epic bar called the Trasheteria

24. You love poutine

25. When you see a field, you think Field Party

26. You know what a peanut race is and have won many of them

27. You are a pool shark because you trained at Pappas Billiards against the best during your high school spares

28. One of your first kisses was somewhere along River Road or Armour Hill

29. You've been interviewed by Stu Harrison

30.  Your favorite tobogganing hill is at a Court House

31. You grew up with a lacrosse or hockey stick in your hand. Or one in each hand

32. You learned to skate on a canal

33. You sometimes have cravings for the french fries and burgers at Sneaky Pete's

34. You learned to dance at Copperfields or Clover's/The Rooster, and your ID was always legit because you knew the bouncers

35. When "Home for a Rest" comes on, you think of Peterborough

36. You have the cutest pets in the world

37. You have Quaker aromas on your old clothes

38. You hit your first double at East City Bowl

39. You've been to a wedding where the first song was "Mony Mony"

40. You have the best fishing stories

41. You learned to roller skate at Wheelies

42. You say sorry more than the average Canadian says sorry

43. You know someone that drove a Monte Carlo or Taurus, and you did donuts in at least one of them. And you have a truck

44. You know Gary or Pete Dalliday really well

45. When you see someone portaging a canoe in the downtown, it's no big deal

46. When a Led Zeppelin or AC/DC song comes on The Wolf, you rock out more than the typical person

47. No matter where you are in the world, it doesn't quite feel like home: Peterborough

48. You still claim the Royal Burger has the greatest burger ever

49. You've had a Mrs. Murney sucker

50. A mullet was your badge of honor in the 80s and into the 90s. You welcome the flow style though. Well somewhat

51. Your first hole-in-one ever was at Milltown

52. You know a Shaughnessy or a Young

53. You've danced on the bar at Spanky's or The Only

54. You know Koski

55. Your best friend's sister's uncle knows Dan O'Toole

56. You have slid down Parkhill or Weller in the winter in your car at least once, and it wasn't fun. Scarier than the coaster you rode at Wild Water & Wheels

57.  You know everyone through one degree of separation

—By Aaron Elliott & Neil Morton

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