18-Year-Old Student Zach Hatton Is Running For City Council

Eighteen-year-old community advocate Zach Hatton is running for City Council in Northcrest Ward in the upcoming October election. The Grade 12 student at St. Peter Secondary School has a passion for politics, having run for the New Democratic Party in this riding last year. 

Hatton, who will be attending Trent University in the Fall in the Teacher's Education stream while pursing an Arts degree, tells PTBOCanada he is excited about this opportunity and want to help "build and position the city in an even more progressive place." The incumbents in Northcrest Ward are Andrew Beamer and Dave Haacke.

Screen shot 2018-04-26 at 9.23.20 AM.png

Hatton believes he has a lot to offer the city and constituents in his ward:

“I’m proud to have been born and raised within this community," Hatton says. "I’m connected to our area through my own personal connections and experiences, and they’ve afforded me a great understanding of Peterborough as a whole. My knowledge will be beneficial to our community when applied to the many pressing issues at City Hall right now.”


Hatton says his great pride in the community played a major role in his decision. Indeed, by deciding to attend Trent University in the Fall, he plans to call Peterborough home for many years to come.

Hatton volunteers at many different places including YourTV (formerly CogecoTV), where he has followed local political issues closely while working on many campaigns at all levels of government—including his own personal run recently for the nomination of the New Democratic Party of Ontario.

Hatton, who intends to use social media aggressively throughout the campaign—namely Twitter and Facebook—will be filing his nomination papers at City Hall on May 1st. You can reach him here for more info.

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Maryam Monsef Appointed To Cabinet As Minister Of Democratic Institutions

Thirty-year-old Liberal MP Maryam Monsef—the first woman Peterborough has ever elected to serve in Ottawa (and the first Afghan-Canadian MP)—now also has another amazing honour after being sworn in for a cabinet position.

From CBC News

From CBC News

Monsef was appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Minister of Democratic Institutions in a swearing-in-ceremony at Rideau Hall Wednesday morning (November 4th).

From CBC News

From CBC News

From CBC News

From CBC News

The PCVS and Trent University grad is the first federal cabinet minister from Peterborough since the late Seventies.

photo via  Twitter

photo via Twitter

Learn more about Monsef's backstory in this feature article—"From Afghanistan To Iran To Peterborough: One Woman's Amazing Story Of How A City (& A School) Saved Her Life"—we posted in 2012.

Read her biography here and this excellent profile the Ottawa Citizen did on her.

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Be The Change: Peterborough Youth Council Accepting Applications

Youth, here is your chance to make a difference by becoming a member of the Peterborough Youth Council.

Image via PtboYouth.com

Image via PtboYouth.com

The Peterborough Youth Council is now receiving applications for their 2015-2016 Term.

The 10-member Youth Council will engage, assist and empower young people in Peterborough to take action in addressing youth issues in our community.

This opportunity will provide members with leadership skills, responsibility and a chance to contribute positively to their community. The Youth Council will also provide networking possibilities with other youth and adults in our community.

Applications are available to youth between the ages of 10 to 21, residing or attending school in the City of Peterborough. To learn more, visit Peterborough.ca, PtboYouth.com or email here.

**The application deadline is Friday, May 15th by 4:30 p.m.

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Dean Del Mastro Has Resigned As MP

Developing story...

UPDATED: Here's the video of his resignation in the House...


Peterborough is without an MP as Dean Del Mastro has resigned his seat, CBC reports, less than a week after being found guilty of spending too much on his 2008 campaign. "I will not be a distraction in Peterborough," he said during his emotional resignation in the House of Commons.

Del Mastro was found guilty last week on three counts of violating the Canada Elections Act—exceeding spending limits during the 2008 election, failing to report a personal contribution of $21,000 to his own campaign and knowingly submitting a falsified document.

No word on when the by-election will be.

Photo Laura Payton CBC

Photo Laura Payton CBC

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Internet Voting Is Hot Hot Hot In Peterborough

[UPDATED October 20th: With over a little over a week to go, 3,232 people have cast their vote online, while 3,804 Electors have registered to vote online. The total number of electors who cast a ballot online in 2010 was 3951, up from the 3473 who voted online in 2006.]

Screengrab via peterborough.ca/vote

Screengrab via peterborough.ca/vote

Internet voting has caught on this municipal election in Peterborough like never before, with more and more people on social media reporting they are registering their votes online and the City reporting higher numbers than past years. About 3,900 people voted online in the 2010 municipal election, and that number is expected to be significantly higher this election—nearly 500 people alone voted online on the first day online voting began here October 14th.

The online voting process is seamless, and generally takes no more than 5 minutes. Go to Peterborough.ca/vote to vote! Check out some tweets below about people that have voted online and watch a great "How to" video from local studio Whitebulb Animation...

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Why You Should Vote On October 27th Peterborough

Leading Mayoral candidates: Maryam Monsef & Incumbent Daryl Bennett

Leading Mayoral candidates: Maryam Monsef & Incumbent Daryl Bennett

Peterborough is one of the greatest cities anywhereone of Canada's most secretly awesome cities. But we know that. You know that. We trumpet that all the time here: the amazing people (and their animals), organizations, institutions, non-profits, charities and businesses that make this community what it is. In many respects, it's a community of collaboration. Build a city together, not in silos.

It's stunningly beautiful, this gateway to the Kawarthas—and pretty much anyone who visits here or lives here raves about it. It has all the amenities of a big city, and then some. And the best zoo anywhere.

So yes, there is lots of greatness here—so get ready for "great" (repeat) in this paragraph. We have great businesses. We have a great emerging tech (and green tech) sector. We have great organizations like Peterborough Economic Development working to bring business here (and create jobs)—"Let's do Business” is one of their mottos—and the Peterborough Chamber (one of the best Chambers anywhere) working to help grow existing businesses (like ours), make them sustainable and advocate on their behalf. We have great post-secondary institutions in Trent University and Fleming College. We have great (and diverse) restaurants, pubs, cafés and retail stores. We have a great music, arts and cultural scene. We are a great sports town, and the Petes and Lakers are known far and wide. And most important, we have great people all around us. Peterborough is a city of great people.

But everyone knows there is room for improvement in this city; there always is. This is a particularly crucial phase, this next four years. There are many questions—and no easy answers—in the city around jobs, sustainable economy, economic development, green spaces, urban sprawl, development, Parkway (or no Parkway), taxes, the downtown, crime, addiction, social services, keeping young people here, etc.

Which is why October 27th is so damn important. It's the Mayor (and city council) you elect who sets the tone for this city. They are representatives/ambassadors for you—the constituent—and for the city on a local, and sometimes, national and world stage. They are a vital, essential part in where we are now, and where we're going to move forward as a city in healthy ways.

So be engaged. Get informed. Go to the debates. Go to the candidates' websites and social media pages. Learn their platforms and policies. Ask questions. Tweet, email and call your candidates. Stop them on the street. Talk to your colleagues, friends and family. What are they saying?

The city is buzzing about this election because of the amazing candidates running for city council, school board trustee and Mayor. They all care about city building, which is why they're running. There is no excuse for voter apathy/angst/cynicism this time out.

Now it's up to you to get out there and vote. Find out everything you need to know about voting by going to Peterborough.ca/vote.

Voting is your democratic right and one so many people in other countries don't have, so exercise it. Cast your ballot October 27th.

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Exclusive: Peterborough And Oshawa In Talks To Merge And Form "Supercity"

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.43.17 AM.png

[UPDATE: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY!! Peterborough, we love you just the way you are.]


DEVELOPING... Multiple sources have confirmed to PTBOCanada.com that the City of Peterborough and City of Oshawa are in serious preliminary talks to merge.

Peterborough has had a longstanding friendly feud with our neighbours up the 115, mainly stemming from the rivalry between our junior hockey franchises the Peterborough Petes and Oshawa Generals. But sources tell us this merger would actully make sense for a lot of reasons.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.55.08 AM.png

First off, it would make the commute up the 115 into Oshawa much more bearable knowing that Oshawa is now part of us. Sources tell us that putting our resources together will create a "Supercity" of sorts, creating more jobs as we compete against the GTA.

Some of the other factors sources cite regarding the merger:

- mimicking the Toronto city combination
- creating an "All-star" Petes/Generals team that always goes deep in the playoffs
- wanting to speed up Go Train link between cities
- combined populations could create a tax break
- the possibility of bringing in an expansion NHL team
- Combining GE and GM forces. They would become "GEM".

Under the terms of the city merger, sources tell us Oshawa would agree to use our 705 area code and become in effect part of the Kawarthas and "cottage country" rather than the Durham region. This would also give Oshawa access to Little Lake and the Otonabee River, and in turn Peterborough would have access to the Lake Ontario shoreline. Trent University already has a campus in Oshawa so this will make make Trent's campus much larger, and extend the reach of Head of the Trent.

Sources tell us the name of the combined city will be either "Oshborough" or "Petershawa" and that there will be an online vote using the hashtag #NameOurNewCity to decide on the name. The new city logo will then be created by a design firm in Bowmanville or Kirby to avoid bias in the design from a Peterborough or Oshawa firm.

Both Peterborough Mayor Bennett and Oshawa Mayor Henry refused to comment on the possible merger when asked yesterday, saying "No comment", before heading into closed door meetings.

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