Spotlight: Reggie's HotGrill (And Their Spinoff El Camino's)

Since starting out from a chip truck in Lakefield in 2006 and a recipe book that the owners created on the fly, Reggie's HotGrill has always wanted to bring you the best tasting burgers. Reggie's landed in Lakefield initially in order to nab the cottage traffic heading north for the weekend. Later, another Reggie's chip truck was opened near Trent (see pic below).

After deciding to close the Lakefield shop, Reggie's opened their first year-round establishment in East City at 89 Hunter St. E. Although neither of the owners, Reg Maranda or Cameron Green, are trained chefs, they keep working on their recipes to find out what works. All sauces are made in-house and new burgers are constantly being put out to test the customer's tastes—and to offer variety.

Two of the newest burgers offered at Reggie's

Last year, Reggie's won the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. Their old school check-off style menu was created to save time during the ordering process. Customers choose which burger they want and add checkmarks beside toppings and sides of their choice. This not only adds customer interaction, but also streamlines the process in the kitchen, reducing possible errors.

Recently, the Reggie's owners opened a new shop at Charlotte and George called El Camino's (see pic below) as a late-night Tex-Mex Food restaurant with a focus on big portions (e.g. so you can get a burrito stuffed with a Reggie's burger!).

Reggie's also just launched their new website, and can also be found on Facebook.

Reggie's owners Reg Maranda and Cameron Green

[Words & pictures by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

[Reggie's HotGrill website; Reggie's HotGrill on Facebook]

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