Don't Take For Granted What You Have (There Are Many People In The Patch In Need)

We don't realize sometimes how much we clutter our lives with "stuff". Think about all the items in your house that are tucked away in the basement or closet or cupboard that you know you'll never use but yet hang onto.  

Not too long ago, I was on a big cleaning blitz to make some extra room in my apartment. So with my car packed up with a number of boxes and overflowing garbage bags full of no-longer-wanted items, I was off to the donation bin to drop the goods off.  

Upon arrival, I noticed the bin overflowing and things scattered all around below. I began to unload my car when a man approached and began to sort through the treasures that surrounded him. Wide-eyed, he watched me as I unloaded my car full of things that I no longer wanted but were in perfect condition.  

In a polite voice and such sincere curiosity, he asked me, "Why does everyone throw this stuff away?" As he spoke, he held up various items to see if they would be a suitable fit for himself. It stopped me in my tracks to see someone who had such an appreciation for things that we are so lucky to have and often take for granted.

I replied by telling him that people sort through their homes and decide what they no longer need, and likely have bought something new and in turn pass along the "old". He seemed in complete shock to think people would part with such things without thinking twice. As I turned to leave, I told him to have a good afternoon and he wished me the same.  

I drove away and in my rear view mirror watched him continue to ponder the new items which I had just left, along with the abundance of other items that had already been donated. This truly was a reminder for me to be so grateful for all I have.

I'm sure you've all noticed the large red bins located randomly throughout the city. The Canadian Diabetes Association and Value Village have been in partnership for many years, and because the CDA is important to me personally, it is where I always make my donations. Click here to find out three ways to donate items to the Canadian Diabetes Association, and click here to find a bin location near you.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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