What is this strange van driving around our city?

Big Brother is watchingThere is a van that has been driving around the Patch that has numerous cameras mounted on the roof (we took this photo of it at left).

So we checked out the Twitter link that's displayed on the back of the van—@iLOOKABOUT—where they recently tweeted this:

Peterborough, ON - We are currently driving in this area and have been contracted to do so.

iLOOKABOUT's Twitter page lead us to their website, iLOOKABOUT, which states: "We’re iLOOKABOUT and our business is geo-spatial imaging. Simply, that means we produce and deliver geo-coded images to businesses and governments that rely on accurate, integral visual data for their operation."

Maybe we'll all find out soon who iLOOKABOUT has been contracted by locally.

[iLOOKABOUT website; iLOOKABOUT Twitter]

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