#TMACPtbo Was A Hit: A Look In Tweets

#TMACPtbo Was A Hit: A Look In Tweets

The world got a glimpse of how awesome it is here

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Boys Of Summer: Memorial Centre Rolls Out The Green Carpet For Peterborough Lakers

The PMC live tweeted the transformation from hockey to lacrosse, as the Peterborough Lakers prepare to start their 2015 season!


The installation begins...

Almost there...

Rock 'n roll...

The Lakers home opener is June 4th. Get your tickets here!

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Watch How A Peterborough Man Got His Sunday New York Times Through Twitter

Here's a neat local social media story: It involves how a TV producer—@rdolishny—got his print edition of the Sunday New York Times by meeting an executive airline pilot—@jetdrivr—through Twitter. The video debuted at the #PeterTweeter awards last week, a celebration of the power of Twitter in Peterborough.


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Our @Ptbo_Canada Twitter Account Cracked 5,000 Followers!

Photo by: Evan Holt

We hit 5,000 followers this week—nice milestone! Thanks to all of our amazing followers! If you haven't joined Twitter, consider doing so. Sign up here. There is an amazing, vibrant Twitter community in Peterborough exchanging great ideas—and great fun.

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Tweet Of The Week (And Month, And Maybe Year) In The Patch Is...

[From our Fire Chief @TrentGervais]

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Things I Miss About Peterborough (The Town Where Everybody Knows Your Name)

Up until recently, I called Peterborough my home. I was one of those Trent University students that graduate and decide to stay in Peterborough a bit longer. I truly felt like I wasn’t finished with Peterborough by the time graduation rolled around. I also graduated a few years ahead of my friends, and that was a big factor in my decision to stay. It’s a beautiful city and I really enjoyed my time there.  

After graduating, I worked at Peterborough Green-Up and have since decided to attend baking school in Toronto. After arriving in Toronto, I immediately felt like a fish out of water. This is by far the biggest place I’ve ever lived. I miss Peterborough a lot. Below I've listed a few things that I’m reminiscing about. —by Thalia Bock (aka @thebockster)

1. The town where everybody knows your name  Peterborough was my Cheers bar (if only people shouted, “NORM!” every time I entered a store). After living there for four-ish years, I could barely walk down the street without seeing someone that I knew. I loved it!

 2. Peterborough Green-Up  I honestly miss Peterborough Green-Up. I had such a great experience working there! I was in the Air Quality department, handling the website (Peterborough.zerofootprint.net), along with sitting at the front desk and answering the phone. Everyone that works there is so incredibly friendly and passionate about what they are doing. When I began working there, I immediately felt at home. There is such a large network of people interested in the environment in Peterborough, doing things like Green Drinks and Car Free Day.

3. The Main Ingredient  One of the first things I noticed about where I live in Toronto is that it is very difficult to find a one stop bulk food store close to home. Some places have lots of spices and nuts, and the others have candy. The Main Ingredient was such a staple in my grocery shopping that I’m going through withdrawal!

4. The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte  Can you tell I like to buy in bulk? Everyone at the Wine Shoppe is so friendly, it blows me away! They’ve even lent me one of their dollies when I realized I couldn’t walk my boxes of wine home. They’re also really great about answering questions to non wine connoisseurs (ahem, me). Also, it’s just plain fun to bottle wine!

 5. The bike paths and parks  I gotta say, Peterborough has a really great trail system! I love the bike ride up to Trent—it’s wonderful in the fall. I thoroughly miss riding my bike around Peterborough. It was always an adventure! The trails are really helpful when trying to navigate Peterborough by bike. Jackson Park is such a beautiful park as well. And who can forget the Ecology Park?

6. The Peterborough Twitterverse  Before moving from Peterborough, I attended a few tweetups (like the one below at Natas Cafe). I really enjoyed meeting all the wonderful and friendly people through Twitter! They are by far the most attentive and caring people that I’ve followed through Twitter. I get a little sad when I see the Peterborough "tweeps" scheduling a tweetup, because I know I won’t be attending. Moral of the story? Follow as many Peterborough people on Twitter that you can find! You’ll meet lots of people with neat interests!

What would you miss most about Peterborough if you left? Comment below.

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Peterborough Tweeps to Follow on Twitter!

Peterborough really is starting to go crazy for Twitter. In no particular order, here's people—or "tweeps"—to follow here in the Patch.

(If we missed anyone, email us, or DM or @ us on our Twitter page and we'll add you to the list below. But we'll continue to update this as we follow new people in the Patch who get on Twitter.)


@theunderdogptbo   @loraleen   @calebhunt   @Vote4KeithRiel  @CatsandMusic   @arny_12   @darrylparsons   @Dan4aDifference  @Garkey   @HeatherHWatson   @andreagauster   @Bennett4Mayor   @Joanne_Shearer   @paulforget   @debsloan   @Tass73   @KayMully   @CrisMcCullough   @scottdempsey   @derekpurdy   @streetsjustice   @LyallRB   @Retrochicrobot   @messykarenjean   @wakeupmaggie_   @jennyautumn   @nick_burd   @JesseJacobTCM   @DarTMac   @mykawartharelly   @PtboWedMarket   @CHEXNewsWatch   @ShowplacePtbo   @greeneyewear   @PtboSecurity   @juniorwestlake   @TVLA   @jonnytrash   @FireHouseGourmt   @gemofanm   @weshitvinyl   @lsands22   @josheakins   @JohnstonsGreenH   @kayakgirly   @ptbochamber   @paulscobie   @TrentAboriginal   @CHEX530   @JeffreyMacklin   @Scott_Hanes   @HecallsmeIke   @marsiemac   @davidfeeley  @JenAnneShearer   @sosa_129   @sofawned   @marts1977   @bulliebabe   @SamuelButcher   @mygirlthursday   @ashleystrange   @tjconnorstweets   @sakoPTBO   @gostewart25   @WavePRM   @onthelinksgolf   @brandhealthACD   @studioncreative   @Patty_Smoke   @KruzFM   @tvcptbo   @chrisdoody   @danigray  @PtboNature   @DerekRayfuse   @stevehancock   @buttercupcaren   @ThePFF   @thewolfca   @VinceB  @haveyouseenvid   @lazergraphics   @holidayinnptbo   @c0nsiderthis   @Scott_Abrams   @codaofchoice  @themomdept   @lindamac11   @canadiancindyb   @celadon2   @_vulpecula_   @PStruwing   @unprotectedtext   @ptbo_com   @rd_designs   @kennedygordon   @PeterSejrup   @livbo   @FlemingCollege   @uniformgrey  @johnwitzing   @TheMarketHall   @thebockster   @michaelhurcomb   @susanjm   @kelly_leblanc   @subschema  @jacksoncreek   @disstroy  @caltek79   @NomiBee   @ganeca   @thedunnboys   @brucehead   @sthq   @Doug_Tilley   @cgooderham   @miskinlaw   @ptbomoves    @StickShots   @SmallbonesJane   @wendytgibson  @jameshiggins   @TheSpades   @obviousjohn   @sjmonkey   @AshRossRealtor   @Clint_kingsnake   @ARTBEAD   @missyknottmusic   @HistoricRedDog   @evmustang   @maggiesavage   @pattrudeau   @AlanaCallan   @petesavage   @DavidMorton011   @petedalliday   @ptbogreenup   @kawarthanews   @JayScotland  @worldonmute   @_heathercollins   @evanholt   @CupcakeJu   @cherylayres  @TanyaFusco   @candaceshaw   @Ricwi   @zfptbo   @matthiggs   @KawarthaTurtle   @anndouglas   @TrentUniversity   @PboroExaminer  @PtboMusicfest   @TheMoHo  @galleryonlake  @MaaNey  @FrostCampusSher  @richelleclark   @MonstersNStuff   @dacrofty  @rylalonde  @TopTalentSearch  @NiceGuy83  @amandabrown_  @BriGosselin  @Wakeboard_Open  @GregDavis99  @drewskiONFiRe  @tke_yk_55  @IanSKnowles

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Moment in Twitter Time: The Day an Earthquake Hit Peterborough

In the order they came in on our @Ptbo_Canada feed shortly after the Earthquake hit at 1:41 p.m., here were some of the initial tweets (and confusion) from Peterborough tweeps:


did you just feel that tremor! 



I am in Whitby Ontario Canada. I think I just felt a serious earthquake. Wazzzzup?


Did anyone just feel that?


Um, did anyone else in the Traill College area just feel the earth move? My house just shook in a way I've never felt before.


Our entire house is shaking and creaking. Construction crews digging nearby or earth tremor?


Earthquake in Peterboorugh too!


Did anyone just feel an tremor? There were no trucks in my area and I just felt an earthquake... 1:43pm Eastern TIME #earthquake


Ummm... eathquake, anyone?


Did we just experience an earthquake?


@miskinlaw I felt it here in west end Peterborough - felt like th house just slid sideways


Uh... Anyone else just feel the earth move?


Thought it was just me. So weird. RT @evmustang: Amazing. RT @cherylayres: did you just feel that tremor!


Did y'all just feel that?


Did we just have earth tremors in peterborough? My apt was shaking


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Spotlight: Peterborough Artist Lyall Brownlee

Peterborough's Lyall Brownlee—whose bio on his Twitter page reads "I like to draw pictures and paint on things and write stuff and ride skateboards"—explains to PtboCanada in his own words how he got started as an artist (scroll down to see some of his works below) and what his inspirations were growing up:

"When I was a kid, I always spent a lot of time drawing. My interest in art was first really stoked in high school though—being kind of quiet, I guess I tried to express my individuality through my 'weird' drawings. I was pretty into skateboarding and through that culture, I was introduced to a lot of the 'lowbrow' art that was going on.

Juxtapoz Magazine was founded about this time in the mid-90s and I loved it—what I was exposed to in Juxtapoz and skateboard graphics/ads, etc. formed my early ideas about art. Now that I am older, I've developed a greater appreciation for art history and such but I still read the magazine every month and my 'flat' aesthetic still hints at those graphic influences for sure.

Some of the artists that have had an influence on me are Ed Templeton, Jim Houser, Dalek, Barry McGee, Margaret Killgalen, Jeremy Fish, Chris Johanson, Mark Gonzales, Porous Walker and Matt Furie.

I've been showing my paintings for the last five years or so in Peterborough, Toronto and Vancouver. Things are busy in my studio as work is currently underway for a new solo show in Peterborough."

[Living Vicariously Through Unicorns; @LyallRB]

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They Say Wizards Can't Be Trusted - Acrylic on wood platterUntitled - Acrylic on woodStephen Sleeps Alone - Acrylic on wood panelUnicorns Lie - Acrylic on wood panelUntitled - Acrylic on canvasMy Other Ride Is A Tall Ship - Acrylic on canvas



What is this strange van driving around our city?

Big Brother is watchingThere is a van that has been driving around the Patch that has numerous cameras mounted on the roof (we took this photo of it at left).

So we checked out the Twitter link that's displayed on the back of the van—@iLOOKABOUT—where they recently tweeted this:

Peterborough, ON - We are currently driving in this area and have been contracted to do so.

iLOOKABOUT's Twitter page lead us to their website, iLOOKABOUT, which states: "We’re iLOOKABOUT and our business is geo-spatial imaging. Simply, that means we produce and deliver geo-coded images to businesses and governments that rely on accurate, integral visual data for their operation."

Maybe we'll all find out soon who iLOOKABOUT has been contracted by locally.

[iLOOKABOUT website; iLOOKABOUT Twitter]

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