Peterborough Astronomical Association Invites You to Armour Hill For Special Viewing

Tonight (August 12th), the skies will light up as the Perseids meteor shower dances through the night sky. To help view this celestial show, the Peterborough Astronomical Association—a group of people who love space and viewing the night sky—is inviting folks up to Armour Hill (Asburnham Memorial Park) starting at 8 p.m. for a peek at this year's shower (let's hope there aren't any clouds, which will obscure the meteors). Although not necessary, there will be telescopes available to be able to see all the other wonders the night sky has to offer. The event is free. For more information on this event and about PAA, click here.  —Julie Morris, PtboCanada contributor 

[photo via Peterborough Astronomical Association website]

[Peterborough Astronomical Association]

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