Screening of "The Clean Bin Project" a Success

Nearly every seat was occupied at the screening of The Clean Bin Project last night in the auditorium of The Peterborough Public Library. People sat attentive as they watched the journey of Jen and Grant over the 365 days of their project.

Laughter was heard throughout as the duo brought a great deal of wit and humour to their adventure as they worked through new and innovative ways to do the most simplest day-to-day tasks in a more environmentally, garbage-free approach. Shock was also seen on the faces of many as statistics on garbage and waste poured onto the screen that were just too heartbreaking to believe.

After the screening, the couple welcomed questions, comments and feedback from the audience. I would like to thank Jen and Grant for choosing Peterborough as one of their stops along their cycling journey across the country to get the word out, opening our eyes and reminding us of all the little things we could change in our day to day lives to make a little bit of a difference in the well-being and future of our planet.

For more information on the project, go to The Clean Bin Project Blog. And for local resources and advice, visit Peterborough Green-Up.  —Julie Morris, PtboCanada contributor 

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