People Are Getting Just A Tad Frustrated With Nexicom

[***UPDATE: Examiner reports that service should be restored by later tonight or Saturday morning***]

Starting roughly Sunday night, a hacker exploited their way into Nexicom's servers and was able to lockout numerous user's sites. Some of Nexicom's user's sites were defaced and left the users without the ability to change their site back or send and receive email.

Presently, Nexicom has removed the defamatory splash pages, but have yet to restore full service—check out The Canadian Canoe Museum site, for example—or issue an advisory bulletin. Remember, this started on Sunday. And it's now Friday. That's a long time with what's apparently only been sporadic service.

Obviously, Nexicom users in the Patch are growing increasingly frustrated and some are starting to look around for other web hosting companies.

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