A Day In The Life of Mayor Bennett In Pictures

photo courtesy Heather Watson

List of days events for Mayor Bennett

photo courtesy Heather Watson

List of upcoming scheduled events for Mayor Bennett

Briefing with executive assistant David Goyette on Planning Committee.

Meeting with David Goyette

Briefing with Goyette and assistant Heather Watson on scheduling of events. (The Mayor is asked to speak or be present at numerous events throughout the city.)

Mayor Bennett meeting with city councillor (and former Mayor) Jack Doris

Even though more than 300 emails pass through the office a day, phone calls are just as frequent.

Taping Local Matters with host Paul Wilson at Cogeco. (Wilson mentioned that people often ask if the entire discussion is scripted, but none of it is.)

Catching up with email at his office at The Liftlock Group which he owns.

Meeting with Santa on his first day on the job at Portage Place.

On tour of the Kawartha Miniature Village unveiling at Portage Place.

The Mayor giving time where he can to chat and pose for pictures with people.

Speech for the grand opening of the Kawartha Miniature Village at Portage Place.

[Words and pictures by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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