Get NaKeD In The Patch This Valentine's Day

NaKeD Chocolate (382 George Street) was opened in the summer of 2009 by Warren Eley, a professional chocolatier. The aroma of chocolate fills the air the moment you open the doors of the shop and your eyes quickly start admiring the many displays of delectable chocolates from around the world showcased behind the counter and throughout the store.

Flavours like chocolate ganache combined with chilli, cayenne, ancho, and jalapeno peppers named the Aztec or, one of my personal favourites, the Chai Tiger made up of black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and milk chocolate ganache.  

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, check out NaKed's specials and drop by the shop to pick something out for that special someone. And don't forget to treat yourself too!

[NaKeD Chocolate]

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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