Almost 250 Pieces Of Stolen Mail (Including Xmas Cheques) Recovered By Local Police

A special media release from Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service...

On 04Feb11, officers responded to an Adult Residence for Independent Living in the City of Peterborough. Staff had called after discovering almost 250 pieces of mail in the room of a resident. An investigation was conducted and it was determined that all mail had been stolen from the following list of residences over the period from November, 2010 through this date.

·    425 George Street
·    425 * George Street
·    426 * George Street
·    428 George Street
·    753 Park Street
·    195 Simcoe Street
·    190 Charlotte Street
·    552 River Road South
·    539 River Road South
·    943 Clonsilla Avenue
·    166 Brock Street
·    835 Park Street
·    751 Park Street
·    338 * Aylmer Street
·    328 Aylmer Street
·    491 Romaine Street
·    215 Edinburgh Street
·    193 Simcoe Street
·    164 Hunter Street
·    190 Hunter Street
·    211 Hunter Street
·    213 Hunter Street
·    215 Hunter Street
·    217 Hunter Street
·    219 Hunter Street
·    229 Hunter Street
·    231 Hunter Street
·    190 London Street
·    209 Simcoe Street
·    Two Family picture CD*s (we do have a family name)

Further investigation revealed that the party responsible did not have
the mental capacity to appreciate their actions.
Our Police Service in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health
Association will meet with the party involved in a diversion capacity.
Our Police Service will be making use of Auxiliary Officers to return
all mail over the next week. All items of mail had been opened, but all
appear to be intact. Many cheques (Christmas Presents) were located.
We will make our best efforts to return all property. If members of the
community are missing mail that they were expecting, they are welcome to
attend the station and if present will return property. Please have
proper ID available. Community members are asked to refrain from calling
the station regarding this investigation. 


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