Live at Market Hall: Live and Uncorked

8:30 - The Market Hall is filling up fast to see Bob Blumer and Kevin Brauch for Live and Uncorked.

8:38 - The show is sold out!

8:45 - Here's looking at you Peterborough!

8:50 - Kevin from The Thirsty Traveller shows off his iPad

9:00 - Kevin sabres a bottle of wine open with a large knife

9:15 - Dani Stover (from the Wolf) and Catherine Hanrahan (from the KRUZ) are invited up on stage

 9:25 - Kevin suggests using fresh fruit to liven up your drinks.

9:30 - Kevin's segment wraps up and we have intermission

9:50 - Bob Blumer from Glutton for Punishment takes the stage!

10:00 - Steak flambe!

10:10 - Audience member Jennifer with the task of heating up a can of Spaghetti-o's before Bob makes fresh pasta (guess who won? P.S. The pasta smells delicious!)

10:25 - Take the same ingredients found in a fishcake, thrown them into a food processor, bake them in a muffin tin...

10:30 - Add beets to mashed potatoes and pipe on top... presto! A birthday fish "cupcake" for Dani Stover!

10:45 - Kevin and Bob issued the challenge to the audience to pick three people to compete against in a relay against Bob. The relay consisted of...

- Rice picked up individually by chopsticks and eaten

- 5 pounds of onions cleaned

- Most eggs cracked with one hand

Karma from Karma's Cafe, Jackie from Kubo Lounge, and "Lefty" all entered

10:50 - Bob wins by a very slim margin!

11:00 - The Show wrapped up, thanks for reading!

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[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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