Mother Of Sexual Assault Victim Stabs Man Who Did It With Scissors In Court Yesterday

From a Peterborough-Lakefield Community Police Service today...

Assault With A Weapon:
On the 1st of April at approximately 5:30 pm, a 38-year-old male from Peterborough was to be sentenced on a sexual assault charge.  The Presiding Justice adjourned the case to another date.  The mother of the sexual assault victim in this case, a 38-year-old female from Hastings, was in the court at the time, approached, and stabbed the male using a small pair of scissors from a manicure set.  The female was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon, uttering death threats and possession of a dangerous weapon.  The victim was taken to Hospital by ambulance where he was treated and released.  Due to the nature of the court case, the name of the accused will not be released, as it will lead to the identification of her 15-year-old daughter, a sexual assault victim.  The Magnetometer was functioning at the time and the small pair of scissors from the manicure set was not seized, as it was not an item listed on the prohibited list.  The policy concerning these types of items, cosmetic sets, entering the courthouse is presently under review.


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