Police Warn Of Tainted Cocaine In Peterborough

From a Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service Media Release today...

Police have been contacted by Community Agencies in the City as well as sources that are involved in the use of cocaine or close to people using cocaine. Police are being told that at least 8 persons have become ill in the past few weeks after using cocaine and there is a possibility that two persons have succumbed to the illness. At this time Police have not been able to confirm a link between cocaine purchased in our area and the illness but we are concerned and if there is a link established any media release will likely come from our partners at the Public Health Unit. They are aware of our concerns and are doing an investigation into this. In the meantime anyone involved in the use of cocaine in any form needs to be aware of this information and take the proper action. It should be noted that we have seen Levamisole in cocaine in Peterborough in the past. The concern with this common cutting agent is that it can suppress the immune system and in that case people can become very sick from various infections there bodies cannot fight. Levamisole is used by veteranarians as a dewormer and we are not sure at this time the exact reason Traffickers of cocaine use it as a cutting agent. We have received information on people who are involved in trafficking tainted cocaine and have made a recent arrest. The cocaine seized is being taken to Health Canada in order to be tested for any harmful additives.


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