PtboCanada Review: The Burning Hell At Bluestreak Records

Burning Hell performing at BluestreakIt was a wild weekend of live music these last few days, what with Wakestock rocking Beavermead Park, The Peterborough Folk Festival delivering a day full at Nicholl's Oval and the last show of the 2011 Peterborough Little Lake Musicfest season.

That wasn't the end of it either. Afterparties and shows filled city bars and clubs with revellers determined to enjoy one of the last weekends of the summer.

As a rather large exclamation point to the weekend's festivities, a sort of homecoming happened in an unlikely locale.

The Burning Hell played a low-key show at Bluestreak Records last night to a crowd of 40 in-the-know fans. Band leader Mathias Kom is in town and gathered many locals who've contributed to the band, in both recording and touring capacities over the years for this small show.

It was a gem.

Kom, along with Jill Staveley, Michael Duguay, Nick Ferrio and Adam DeMarsh, all worked together for a short but rousing set which brought the house down.

Rumour has it, they've got something else planned for this coming Tuesday night. Watch the interwebs for details.

[Text and picture by PtboCanada's arts reporter Jeffrey Macklin]

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