PtboPics: A Day In The Life Of Jay Scotland at CHEX

Recently I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at CHEX to see what a typical day looks like for our weatherman, Jay Scotland—who will be leaving CHEX soon to continue with his new position he recently accepted at CBC in Toronto (he will commute from his Peterborough home). My eyes were definitely opened to all that is involved with planning the forecast and then bringing it to life on the newscast. I learned a lot over the course of the day and had fun watching everyone—including Jay—plan, shoot and edit their material. Here's pictures from my time spent there with him. —PtboCanada's Julie Morris

Where it all began for Jay!

Time for a little make-upA little reporting from the new deck at CHEX!

What will the weather be?

So *this* is what the "green screen" looks likeSomewhere over here-ish it will be sunny!

Well there's the 9-2-5 forecast!Jay's famous "clicker"

Time for a little editing

A peek at the prompter

Keri & Jay ham it up after the show is complete

Tyler & Jay wishing they were wearing their red high heels

And here's the clip of the forecast that day:

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