Live: KPR Meeting Deciding Fate Of Peterborough High School

UPDATE, 1:50 a.m: Trustees have voted 7-4 to close PCVS.


Some tweets we wrote after the vote last night:

"The final vote has been reached: PCVS to be closed."

"PCVS students hugging, crying. Lots of yelling from parents, swearing."

"PCVS parents & students screaming with fury at board members: 'Thank you for ruining our school.'"

"Security has now entered the building. Emotions running high."

"Board members still sitting, in shock. Crowd leaving, in shock. Everyone in shock. Lots of tears, crying, dismay."

"PCVS students screaming, chanting in hallway."

"The students are coming back in the boardroom, chanting to board members, most of whom remain seated."

"Hey board, so you know, we won't let our high school go!" -- PCVS students chanting over and over.

"Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame" PCVS students chanting in hallway."



The meeting has just begun live at KPR board office... It is packed... There are two overflow rooms... Watch for updates...


 Live inside the KPR board office...

PCVS graduate Bill Lockington is the first speaker

TAS student council president Victoria Salem, who is for the merger of PCVS and TAS.

Christina Adams & Victoria Pyle who read statements from fellow students about influence of their schoolTAS student Tyler Rawson demonstrating robotics created at school

The live video feedsPCVS students applauding Dr. Charlie MenendezEstimated busing costs by Dr. Charlie MenendezBetsy McGregor speaking in support of PCVSSupport from the hallwayDean Pappas speaking in support of PCVS

The emotions after KPR made recommendation PCVS close

Standing ovation in response to trustee Roy Wilfong saying PCVS should not close

Going around the boardroom table, each trustee was allowed to ask questions, followed up with their own personal summary

Diane Lloyd, chairperson summing up the evening while being filmed by CHEX

1:38 a.m. The final vote is 7 to 4 in favour of closing PCVS.PCVS students chanting and consoling each other in hallway after vote announced

[Photos by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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