Live: PCVS Public Meeting At Evinrude Centre

We are live from the public meeting regarding PCVS's future at the Evinrude Centre

7:00 - It's now standing room only in this room at Evinrude Centre. About 300 people expected for PCVS public meeting.


7:05 - Meeting now underway, Joan Green being introduced. Then speakers will have 5 minutes each to address her. Joan Green was originally to be in Peterborough Monday through Thursday but is now staying through Friday to allow time to review process.

7:10 - 1st speaker is now up of 45, Krista Macklin. Parent of PCVS student in arts program. Explaining how this process was flawed.


7:20 - The timer, which is set up to make sure each speaker does not go over their allotted time of 5:00 minutes. Speakers addressing Green are articulate, well informed, calm. Speaking to policies which weren't followed by KPR.

7:30 - Facilitator Joan Green, who will be writing report to ministry, is taking lots of notes during the presentations.

7:40 - Erica Cherney chair of Peterborough Downtown Business Association talking PCVS enormous impact on downtown. Peterborough is a cultural hub, says Cherney. PCVS arts school needs downtown, downtown needs PCVS.

7:45 - Michael Fox speaks about the missed opportunity of partnerships with the Catholic board.

7:50 - City Councillor Dean Pappas, owner of Pappas Billiards downtown, now speaking. He spoke at KPR meeting as well. Pappas arguing that the ARC process from the very beginning was flawed.

8:10 - Isabel Henniger "alarmed and frustrated" by ARC process.

8:20 - Di Farquhar who spoke so passionately about PCVS, that her mouth went dry

8:30 - PCVS student council president Matthew Finlan, saying PCVS can't just be moved or manufactured somewhere else. Isn't so simple. This inner city hub is needed.

8:40 - Otis Newport says that the PCVS projected enrollment was largely off

8:50 - 7th Inning Stretch. Meeting has been extended to 10 p.m.

9:10 - Back to the speakers, starting with Renata Spasov.

9:15 - PCVS student Riley Severin.


9:25 - "Only those with money are important" is the message being given. "Should have consulted with poverty groups during the ARC process".

9:30 - Graduating student Kirsten Bruce just gave impassioned speech about respectful, fostering PCVS environment. She finished with saying "The ARC process was flawed in every way", which was followed by a standing ovation.

9:35 - Barbra gave a heartfelt talk about the statistics that were overlooked for Native students and was followed by a standing ovation.

9:50 - Nancy Jackson called the ARC meeting a "disgrace" and was tearful when reflecting on Central P.S. which was promised to stay open, however now is apartments.

10:00 - Kathy Blackwood speaks about her daughter's dilemma, as to which courses are available to take at other schools if PCVS were to close. She might have to attend two schools to meet her curriculum needs.

10:10 - Maryam Monsef says that after moving here from Afghanistan and the bullying she went through, PCVS "Saved her life".

10:20 - Christina Adams spoke about how the teachers could not discuss the process during the ARC process (for fear of loosing their jobs) and how that made it hard for the students.

10:40 - Bill Templeton added some humour and findings along with his slideshow of why "our students, community and ministry of education all deserve better". He found oddities such as "a gap between 40 minutes to an hour exists when the minutes of the May 12th meeting are compared with the recordings of the proceeding".
10:57 - Another break. "14th inning"
11:05 - Round three, we are on the home stretch.

11:15 - Mark, an Urban Planner feels that schools play a functional role and a symbolic role in a city.

11:20 - Jeff Cox, president at Brant Office Supply with his own thorough look at the process.

11:25 - Another speaker comes well prepared, but summarizes her speech to save time.
11:30 - Heather Ballarin says her daughter was embarrassed to have volunteered on ARC committee. Was "great theatre" and a waste of time.

11:45 - The final speaker Chelce Lavoie a student at PCVS.
11:50 - Facilitator Joan Green was thanked by students. She will deliver the report to the Ministry of Education in four to six weeks.


[Photos by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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