Why This Gilmour Street Basketball Saga Is Just Bloody Ridiculous And Stupid

In light of the Gilmour Street basketball saga now making national headlines—with the Elliott family pitted against their next door neighbour Anne Langdon who doesn't want basketball being played on their driveway due to what she calls "excessive noise" and has filed complaint with the environmental commissioner over that and a wooden panel the Elliotts put up to protect Langdon's window—local designer (and Spankys co-owner) Jonny Trash designed these tongue-in-cheek PTBOCanada trucker hats (see pic above, and how to get one below), poking fun at the notion you can't play basketball in Peterborough.

To us, what's happening to the Elliotts is so utterly ridiculous. Let the kid play ball. Give the Elliott family peace, they don't deserve this. And all this attention and grief from their neighbour and people asking questions about it and the media is wearing on them. As it would anyone. Sign this petition supporting the Elliott family, and their right for their teenage son to play basketball on his own frickin' driveway.

If you don't like a kid playing basketball in their own driveway, move to the middle of nowhere. This is a city. Noise happens. And this is good noise. Basketball ain't noise pollution.

[**NOTE, Since we've had a few requests, the limited edition PTBOCanada trucker hats are available at Spankys starting Friday (November 2)—$10 a hat, all proceeds to Spankys Movember campaign.]

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