DBIA Featured Post: Jack's Hot Spot

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After being an RC (Remote Control) hobbyist for years, Dwayne Jamieson decided it was time to take his passion to the next level. Although you can find RC at different big box stores around town, he knew that Peterborough was missing a store that fully specialized in it. That’s when Jack’s Hot Spot was born.

Located at 395 Water St across from the Scotia Bank, Jack’s has been bringing top quality RC toys to our downtown since February 2010. Known by Jack to his friends (a nickname he earned by dressing up as Jack Nicholson), Dwayne is a one man show down at the shop. He is there 6 days a week offering his expertise to people of all levels.

Jack’s offers a little bit of everything in a shop that can be considered a “little store with a big store inventory,” as Dwayne puts it. They have RC planes, helicopters, cars, trucks and boats that come in styles ranging from beginner for those looking to try out the hobby, to professional for those who have the experience to take on a vehicle that is basically just a smaller version of the real thing! Relatively new to the RC hobby has been the addition of cameras to helicopters, which he also offers with beginner models.

Though you can find the odd RC car or helicopter at other places around town, there isn’t a store that offers such specialized items as Jack’s. Ninety-five percent of what he sells in the shop is "hobby grade"—meaning you can modify and upgrade it if you so choose. This is where his selection of paints, glue, transmitters, epoxies, and other accessories sets him apart, on top of the quality RC vehicles he offers.

If he doesn’t have a part of accessory onsite, he can bring it in in no time! On top of offering RC, Jack’s can also do repairs and upgrades at the shop which Dwayne says is a large part of his business. As anyone who is in the hobby knows, you are constantly tweaking and repairing. A lot of the time—after business hours—Dwayne takes his work home and makes repairs there!

For those interested in the hobby but to a lesser extent, Jack’s also offers great train sets with a massive array of accessories, model vehicles, and even the odd electric guitar! Jack’s Hot Spot is truly a passion project. Dwayne has brought to the city his enjoyment for RC and it shows in the display of the shop and the work he does inside of it. If you’ve ever been interested in the hobby, we suggest you stop in for a visit and see all that the shop has to offer.

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For more on Jack's Hot Spot (395 Water St.), go to:
Website: Jackshotspot.com
Facebook: Jack's Hot Spot

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By Aaron Elliott