DBIA Featured Post: Apollo Grill

Downtown Peterborough has long been a haven of locally owned and operated restaurants.  In the downtown core, you will find something offered to please almost every palate. Coming back with a vengeance—and to everyone's delight!—are classic "burger joints."  They don't get any more classic than the Apollo Grill located at the corner of George Street North and Hunter Street (402 George St. N.).

Locally owned and operated by Dan Rennick and his wife Kerry, the Apollo Grill brings you an incredible burger experience within the warm confines of a 1940s diner located at one of the busiest intersections in Peterborough's downtown. This resurrection of the mouthwatering homestyle burger provides the perfect destination to everyone from young families, date nights, to evenings out with friends.

The new downtown Apollo Grill is actually the second location in our fair city, with the original located at 1840 Lansdowne Street West. The George and Hunter street location opened late last year, and was brought downtown due to the overwhelming success of the original location that opened July 2011 on Lansdowne. Dan and Kerry were actually approached by the building's landlords and asked if they would like to bring Apollo Grill downtown.

The Apollo Grill features fresh cut fries and a great selection of burgers made daily from ground steak. What is interesting is that instead of using basic frozen ground beef, Apollo Grill uses fresh steak that is ground in house each day. They also cut and blanche their own fries. To complete the experience, Apollo Grill offers hand-dipped shakes which are made from premium local Central Smith ice cream. Of course there are also onion rings, sweet potato fries, veggie burgers and delicious poutine offered at both locations. A few must tries include the Apollo burger, the Mushroom Swiss, and of course the famous Royal Burger, all offered as a single or double burger.

Dan and Kerry are extremely excited and proud of the opening of the Apollo Grill in Peterborough's downtown, and plan to continue expanding to other locations and cities.  Within only a few short months, the downtown Apollo Grill is already considered one of the best places to gather with friends, co-workers or family for a quality meal!

Dan and Kerry invite you to experience their newest location in downtown Peterborough and taste the difference local quality makes.

For more on Apollo Grill (402 George St. N.), go to:
Website: Apollogrill.ca
Facebook: Apollo Grill
705.874.3444, Apollo Grill Downtown Location
705.775.4745, Apollo Grill Lansdowne Street West

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By Aaron Elliott

DBIA Featured Post: Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation (GPHSF)

If you live in or around Peterborough and have a pulse, then surely you have dealt with some part of our cities great healthcare team at some time or another. Behind every great team is a great coach and management, which is exactly what the Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation (GPHSF) can be considered. Located at 150 King St, the foundation formerly known as the St. Joseph’s Care Foundation has been an integral part of our community for almost 30 years now.

In a nutshell, the foundation is a major fundraiser for healthcare equipment, education, research and innovative programs that help the community’s health care team give its patients the best treatment possible.

The foundation consists of a team of tireless workers, including Executive director Hannah Routly, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator Carol Lawless, Board Chair Laura Boden, and physician lead ambassador Dr. Don Harterre to name just a few. On top of these positions are a long list of tremendous volunteers who aid in improving the community based health care system that the GPHSF aims to put forth.

Along with its fundraising efforts, the GPHSF also works behind the scenes in our community in creating and fostering a team like atmosphere with every branch of healthcare. From nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and mental health clinicians, to medical secretaries, dieticians, and family physicians, they help combine the expertise of a team working together to provide you with the right care, when you need it, same day or at a time convenient to you.

This overall team effort has been helping to make things better in our community for years now and the GPHSF is actually the first foundation in Canada to support such a family health care team.

One of the GPHSF's major events held yearly is the Peterborough Speaker Series. This year's event, titled Fire Starters, is taking place on April 16th at Market Hall. Previously the GPHSF has also been a part of the Festival of Trees and the Freedom 55 Financial charity golf tournament.

A few of the initiatives and items that the GPHSF has been a major part in assisting with are the incredible Partners in Pregnancy clinic, which works with many women in our community going through various phases of pregnancy. They have also recently raised money to purchase ophthalmology equipment, 17 automated external defibrillators, 40 pulse oximeters, and 20 patient transport chairs that are all located across the city helping our healthcare team put forth the greatest care possible.


For more information on GPHSF, and to find out about volunteer opportunities, go to:
Website: Gphsf.ca
Twitter: @Gphsf
Facebook: Gphsf
Phone: 705.740.8074

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By Aaron Elliott

DBIA Featured Post: Dr. J's BBQ & Brews

When the historical Montreal House closed its doors for a final time in late 2013, Ted and Addison Brown heard opportunity knocking. The father and son partners knew a good thing when they saw it and purchased the property with a specific intent in mind. They loved the history of the building, the ample parking, and its proximity to downtown. After some extensive renovations, on January 15th, Dr. J’s BBQ & Brews (282 Aylmer St) opened its doors for the first time and hit the ground running!

Named after Dr. Alexander and John Harvey who originally built the historical building in 1858, Dr. J’s has kept some of the past, but has brought a new feel to the property. Operating as a restaurant/pub and with owners who have an extensive background in the industry, Dr. J’s brings a distinctly different flavor to the downtown core. Specializing in southern cuisine, and featuring an authentic smoker brought in directly from Alabama, you know exactly what you’re getting as soon as you walk in the door.

Before opening, head chef Eric Hoflick went so far as to travel the southern United States in search of ideas and recipes to bring back to the great white north. His mission to learn was a major success and the menu is where Dr. J’s customers reap the rewards. From chicken and ribs, to brisket and pork shoulder, almost everything is smoked and absolutely nothing is skimped on. The menu features monster main courses, smaller sandwich options, and even vegetable options for those who aren’t meat eaters! A few of the house favorites include the ribs with a signature pineapple chipotle seasoning you won’t find anywhere else, the brisket on rye, and the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw.

Everything is made fresh from scratch in house daily, and local suppliers are supported as much as possible. Being a pub as well, the beer menu can’t be missed with 30 different types available by the bottle and 14 different varieties on tap!

With food available during the day and into the night, Dr. J’s is an environment for everyone. The renovations they’ve done include new flooring, tables, washrooms, booths, and a separate party room for larger groups of up to 24 when needed.

The restaurant also transitions during the night into more of a pub type atmosphere. Keeping with the old tradition of being a great live music setting, Dr. J’s has kept a stage area and have live music every Friday and Saturday night. With televisions set up all around, there is always some type of game on and specials to go along with them, including beer deals during Leafs and Raptors games.

If you’re in the mood for a new food and drink experience, Addison and Ted invite you to come down to a building that everyone already knows. They know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the changes and you won’t leave disappointed!

For more on Dr. J's BBQ & Brews (282 Aylmer St), go to:
Facebook: Dr. J's
Phone: 705.874.5717

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By Aaron Elliott

DBIA Featured Post: McThirsty's


Pub culture is one that is well ingrained in today’s society. Whether you’re out for a pint, meeting up with friends to watch the game, or simply out for the pub fair, there is always a great selection of taverns to choose from. Peterborough’s resident Irish style pub, McThirsty’s, located at 166 Charlotte Street in the heart of the downtown, is always one that is at the top of the list.

A mainstay for years and always successful, the pub came under new ownership in late July of 2012 and has gone through an extensive overhaul to create an even better, energized atmosphere. Cam Green and Reg Maranda (who also own Kettle Drums on Hunter Street) along with Tony Best have set out to bring back the oldschool pub feel in both the environment and behind the bar/kitchen.

As any great pub should, McThirsty’s has a wide range of drink options, and is known locally as having one of the best varieties around. With 25 taps available, the pub has a roster that includes 7 regular beers, thus rotating the other 18 on a regular basis. Known as beer trend setters in the area, you’ll find everything from old domestic favourites and Canadian micro-breweries to exotic importants from as far away as Russia and South American to name just a few. On top of this, the liquor selection is second to none.


With new owners who have a background in the local restaurant scene came a new updated menu with incredible choices. As a good pub should have, options such as burgers, chip truck French fries, poutine and what some consider the best wings in town are available. With the kitchen being open until midnight, you’ll now find some other choices to tempt the taste buds such as an incredible blackened catfish and traditional Irish stew which is beyond unique!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you McThirsty’s has the friendliest staff around. Cam, Reg and Tony are almost always on site working and you can tell that they care about everyone’s experience. One of their goals is to become the Cheers of Peterborough.

Featuring various musical acts from Tuesday through Saturday, trivia nights with Cam on Mondays, and Open Mic on Wednesdays with well known local rocker James Higgins, you’ll always find the pub hopping. With weekly specials and sports always on the numerous TVs, you’re bound to find something to peak your interest.

If you’re looking for a night out and a laid back pub experience, McThirsty’s is the place to be. With their epic St. Patrick’s Day celebration just around the corner, Cam, Reg and Tony invite you to come down and experience what a true pub should be.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on McThirsty's (166 Charlotte St.), go to:
Phone: 705.743.2220
Facebook: McThirsty's Pint
Twitter: @McThirstys

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By Aaron Elliott

DBIA Featured Post: The Benevolent Stranger


Natalie Williams is the epitome of a small business owner. As the owner of The Benevolent Stranger, located at 212 Hunter St W in the middle of the trendy Café District, she aims to be a unique alternative to big box store culture. The shop is named after how Natalie sees the character Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird. At first, people are hesitant and scared of him, only to realize he’s actually quite the opposite when they finally give him a chance, much like the shop. On top of it all, Boo Radley is also her friendly dog’s name, and you're sure to meet him at the shop!

Catering to an eclectic crowd who don’t want the everyday mall type experience and product, the Benevolent Stranger caries a wide array of products ranging from dresses, tops, pants, hoodies and wool jackets for women, to gifts from around the world such as knapsacks, journals, purses, jewelry, and even household items. Not leaving out the guys, she carries various clothing items for them as well, and the inventory is always changing.

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.44.44 PM.png

Natalie is always on the lookout for one of a kind items. You’ll find products in her store from countries such as Tibet, Thailand, India, and from large cities such as New York and Montreal. Always wanting to be unique and funky, if she doesn’t find the item to be interesting to her personally then she won’t sell it in her store.

What a lot of people are surprised about when they enter the shop is the wide range of products it carries. Towards the back of the well thought out space, Natalie houses a fully stocked smoke shop, carrying all accessories, and she even has dreadlock products, as well as Rasta and punk accessories.

Natalie loves the Café District area she has been located in for five years now since moving her business to Peterborough from Bomanville previously. The patio neighbourhood with its widened sidewalks and the Only Café with its sub culture following next door suit her personality perfectly, she says. She loves the sense of community the area has with great merchants and the events that are always taking place all around her shop year round.

Natalie invites you to come down to her unique shop to find items you definitely won’t find anywhere else!

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on The Benevolent Stranger (212 Hunter St W), go to:
Facebook: Benevolent Stranger
Phone: 705.748.0408

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DBIA Featured Post: Lakeshore Designs

Logo with Phone Numbers copy.jpg

Lakeshore Designs began as many interior design companies do: a dream, a truck and, of course, a talented and dedicated individual. Angela Jones opened Lakeshore Designs in 2004 as an in-home consultation business. In 10 short years since, she has turned Lakeshore Designs into Peterborough’s premier interior design firm.

After seeing the need for an interior design studio in downtown Peterborough, Angela made the move to her George Street location. Not only a design firm, Lakeshore Designs became a destination spot for cottagers looking for that perfect home décor accent or furniture piece. Since the expansion at its new location, Angela has transformed the business into the design studio that it is today.


With a knowledgeable staff of designers and consultants, Lakeshore Designs serves as an inviting place to meet with both new and returning clients. Lakeshore Designs is proud to have had some celebrities as clients, including Elton John, Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood  and Marc Savard. They're also chosen designers for the Chex Daily design segment every Tuesday; for numerous Builders’ models; for The Toronto Cottage Life Show model home Spring 2013, Fall 2013 and Spring 2014; and The Princess Margaret Hospital Lottery dream cottage 2014.


They are winner of numerous prestigious awards, including Best Interior Decorating 2013 from the Peterborough & Kawarthas’ Homebuilders Association; The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneural Spirit Award 2012; Best Cover award 2011 from Our Homes Magazine; and The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Micro Business of the Year 2010. The design team’s projects range from choosing paint colours and other finishes, in-home consultations, full kitchen designs and sales, renovations, designing dream homes, cottages, and commercial spaces from the ground up.

If you have design challenges or if you are thinking of building your dream home, give them a call today! 

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on Lakeshore Designs (427 George Street North), go to:
Phone: 705-748-3875
Website: Lakeshorehd.ca   
Facebook: Lakeshore Designs

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DBIA Featured Post: Peterborough Photo Service


Passing down a family run business to the next generation isn't as common as it once was in the small business world. So you can imagine how rare it is to have a small business passed down to a third generation! This is exactly what has happened at Peterborough Photo Service, which is one of downtown Peterborough's longest serving businesses of record.

Located at 188 1/2 Charlotte St, and having been in the same location since 1956, the shop is now currently owned and operated by Josh Resar who took over for his father Doug who previously took over for grandfather Carl who opened it originally.

Being such a longstanding business, it has evolved quite a bit over its tenure. Originally opening as a simple camera shop, it has added a darkroom for development, a service department, and a thriving photography business as well which offers full photo packages specializing in weddings.

The retail section of cameras and equipment is dominated by Canon products, which as most camera pros and even amateurs would tell you is top of the line. Offering Nikon products as well, the shop brings in a top of the line selection found at many bigger shops, but with a small town friendly feel.


Also offered at Peterborough Photo Service is custom printing—which is seemingly becoming a lost art. They can print anything from basic film and slides to canvas, large format negatives, and then even do custom enlargements.

Their camera repair section services even more makes and models than they sell. They service Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, and Panasonic products all in house to name just a few brands. If cameras are bought at the store and are covered by warranty, the turnaround time you can expect when compared to a box store isn't even close and you'll know exactly who is working on your gear.

The photography side of the business is one that is definitely picking up steam. Josh is a member of the Pro Photographers of Canada so you know you're not dealing with an amateur. They offer wedding packages, have a studio on site, and also take the best passport photos in town.

Having been in the same location for nearly 60 years now, it's clear that Josh and his family have a love for the downtown. Josh especially loves the close knit community feel, selection, and support amongst owners all around him. He appreciates each and every one of his customers and that they support small business.

With the largest selection in town, huge knowledge base, and pricing to compete with anybody around, Josh invites you to come down to Peterborough Photo Service and experience what generations upon generations already have in our city.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on Peterborough Photo Service (188 1/2 Charlotte St), go to:
Website: PeterboroughPhoto.com
Phone: 705.742.2062

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By Aaron Elliott

DBIA Featured Post: Kettle Drums


Every small business owner has to start somewhere. Sometimes their journey starts and ends with the same idea, while others are always looking to evolve and expand. For Reg Maranda and Cam Green, the challenge to continue evolving is what pushes them. Previously the successful owners of highly respected and recognized Reggie's HotGrill, Cam and Reg made the transition from amazing fast food to upscale casual dining with the opening of Kettle Drums located at 224 Hunter St W.

With a desire to be located in a district that is recognized for incredible food and beverage establishments, they quickly jumped at the opportunity when it knocked to take over the northeast corner of Hunter and Aylmer St. in 2012 after extensive renovations to what was previously a long standing radiator shop. They knew it would be a challenge to convert it over to the restaurant they had envisioned, but they loved every aspect of it.

Walking through the doors at Kettle Drums, you immediately sense the relaxed atmosphere they have created. With elegant dining inside and an incredible creekside patio outside, the restaurant has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re simply out on the town for a drink or looking for an upscale yet casual dining experience, you’re going to find them both here under one roof.


The menu at Kettle Drums is quite expansive, with options ranging from soups, salads, and sandwiches, to pizza, pastas, and fine steaks. If you’re a burger lover, they have quite a few options, covering beef, lamb, and bison which are all made fresh in house. Putting an emphasis on great food, their signature mac and cheese, panko crusted meatloaf, and pork medallions with maple bourbon sauce are just a few of their can’t miss dishes!  

Open 7 days a week, Kettle Drums with its experienced management team along with head chef John Thompson have become a fan favourite for many who are looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Peterborough’s downtown core. Sunday features a “Farm Fresh” brunch which makes use of many local distributors such as Electric City Bakery and Harley Farms Free Range eggs, while Tuesday is Pasta night followed by Wednesday’s Prime Rib night to name just a few specials.

Having been part of the business community for years now with their previous ventures, while also currently being part owners of McThirsty’s, Cam and Reg have made it a mission of theirs to be as involved as possible. To top it all off, they now have expanded to offsite catering in and around the area for any type of event.

Cam, Reg, and the staff at Kettle Drums invite you to come down to Kettle Drums regardless of the occasion and experience what so many already have. They know you’ll be back for more!

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on Kettle Drums (224 Hunter St. W.), go to:
Website: Kettledrumsrestaurant.com
Facebook: Kettle Drums
Twitter: @Kettle_Drums
Phone: 705-874-1500

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DBIA Featured Post: Thin City Skate Shop

shop2013 (sept) 003.JPG

For some people, a hobby is just a hobby. For others, it is a way of life and can evolve into much more than a simple interest. Josh Johnson, owner of Thin City Skate Shop located at 410 George St N., is one of those people who took his hobby to an entirely different level.

An avid skateboarding enthusiast for over 12 years now, Josh grew up in an era where Peterborough had a smaller go-to skateshop in Breeze which many people in the hobby will remember. It was the hub for skating enthusiasts in the community but sadly closed down roughly eight years ago.

After that, the market changed with larger big brand stores moving in and seemingly taking over. At the age of 20, Josh decided to do something about that. Starting out with a loan from Community Futures, Josh opened Thin City in May of 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. Known for custom ordering and set ups of skateboards, longboards, snowboards and scooters, Thin City has become what could be considered the local authority on all things board sports in our great city!

Offering plenty of experience and advice in all things board sports, Josh has turned his small shop into a great setting for local hobbyists to check out. With a smaller sized shop comes a smaller inventory, but that hasn’t stopped Josh from having a large catalogue to choose specialized parts and most brands that you can think of to order in at a moment’s notice. If he doesn’t have something on hand in the shop, chances are that he can order it in in no time. This also includes clothing that he has in his retail set-up.

Coming soon, Thin City will also be opening up an e-commerce online shop that will make them even more accessible to its clients, allowing it to reach out into the community and abroad even more.

shop2013 (sept) 007.JPG

Thin City is proud to carry a few local consignment companies in stock and loves carrying Canadian brands in an effort to support Canadian board sports. Josh wants his shop to be as accessible as possible and to be the shop run by locals for locals with experience and knowledge to share—without the big chain store feeling to it.

Still an avid skateboarder himself, Josh and his store Thin City are proud to put on a few events at our local skate part every year. The “Open Season Burn” and “Shred Fest” have been huge hits amongst local boarders and he plans to continue expanding these events and promote what he considers the greenest mode of transportation and fun around.

shop2013 (sept) 005.JPG

On top of these events, Josh has also been involved with city council meetings in an effort to
legalize skateboarding in the street, and has even written for Concrete Wave Magazine on the topic of Peterborough and skateboarding over the past few decades.

So, if you’ve ever been interested in board sports, or are looking for a more local feel when shopping for your next ride, we suggest you head down to Thin City and talk to someone with all the knowledge you could ask for!

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on Thin City Skate Shop (410 George St. N.), go to:
Website: ThinCitySkateShop.com
Twitter: @thincitysk8shop
Facebook: ThinCityLongboard
Phone: 705.775.5664

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DBIA Featured Post: Angela Mark Fashion Designs


If you were to ask people what sets our downtown apart from others, many would say that fashion leads the way. It's no secret that Peterborough's downtown core has some absolutely incredible clothing stores that cover every style imaginable. However, did you know that there is an international clothing label that is designed and produced in our midst as well!?!

Angela Mark is just that label and has been creating women's fashion in our city since 1987! Angela Mark provides beautiful clothing and innovative wardrobe services geared to professional women who appreciate quality and excellent value; her collections include career wear, smart casual, special occasion and outer wear.  

Originally from Montreal, Angela opened her original shop as a second floor studio at the corner of Hunter and Water, just above where St Veronus is today. From there, she moved her business to street level on Hunter Street, and in 1993, purchased the building which now houses her design, production and retail studio (which is open to the public), in the current downtown location at 231 King Street.

70067-a 1.JPG

Angela's design philosophy has always been that clothing is intended to be a unique reflection of a woman's inner beauty. Knowing that she was not alone in her search for clothing to suit her classic yet current style preferences, figure, personality, colouring, beautiful fabrics and workmanship, and knew that the combination of all of these factors was important to feeling and looking confident.  

Angela returned to Peterborough after having studied Fashion Design at Ryerson University in Toronto—there, she launched her own Fashion Label at 22 years of age!  As one of the first Canadian Designers to implement CAD technology for patternmaking and markermaking, Angela Mark has remained in the forefront of technology to establish a competitive edge in this fast paced and competitive industry. Her label has expanded to include her Ready to Wear Collections, Made to Measure offerings and her exclusive one off creations.

70136 animal 001.JPG

World class quality and workmanship is found in each beautifully tailored garment. The structure and fit of Angela Mark's garments is distinctive. The experience and advantage of having custom fittings with individual clients for over 27 years translates into each beautifully fitting jacket, pant, dress, skirt, unique tops and piece of gorgeous outerwear! Angela takes great pride in knowing that many of her Ready to Wear garments fit like they were custom designed.

This unique boutique offers a private setting, personal style consultations, custom fitting, in house alterations, wardrobe building service, exclusive accessories and other innovative wardrobe services which all contribute to this unique shopping experience. 

Angela Mark is sold directly to her clientele. This means that the client has the advantage of having beautiful clothing, personal service, quality fabric and workmanship, and garments designed made ethically in Canada without the mark-ups in traditional retail. In traditional retail, the garment goes from the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the retailer, then to the final client—Angela Mark sells directly to their clients so that they get the additional value and exclusivity, and personal service which is excellent value. Angela Mark's clientele appreciate the value working directly with the designer.  

This label has a great following of loyal clients who appreciate having personal stylists assist with their wardrobe choices that suit them and their lifestyles. Angela's studio is a destination location for many out of town clients as well as seasonal shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston and London, as well as her newly launched online boutique. 

70165 & 30120 2 lucano.JPG

The Angela Mark team includes production technicians, personal stylists and an administrative staff who take pride in delivering world class products and services. The unique experience is one you won't find anywhere else.  

While Angela Mark's head office is located in Peterborough, virtual offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal offer their products and services to their discerning and appreciative clientele in those cities as well. Angela's shop is located in an area of downtown that is easily accessible with parking right by the front door, and is open to the public or by appointment to accommodate her clients' busy schedules and ensure the personal service that you deserve.  

Although she loves visiting her hometown of Montreal, Angela is happy to call Peterborough home. She loves the quality of life that the area offers and appreciates the beauty of the surrounding areas. Many of her clients travel in from out of town to shop at her store and she knows they always leave the city happy after experiencing all that downtown has to offer.

You are invited to visit Angela Mark at the corner of King and Aylmer... in downtown Peterborough!    

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on Angela Mark (231 King Street) go to:
Website: AngelaMark.com
Phone: 705.742.7315

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By Aaron Elliott