DBIA Featured Post: Nielsen’s Watches & Jewellery


Often times when owners of a family owned business look to move on, they look to pass on the business to someone else in the family. If this doesn’t materialize, they come to a cross roads—either dissolving the business altogether which is an unfortunate ending, or find someone else to take it over.

Thankfully for Nielsen’s Watches & Jewellery, the second option took place! Located at 406 George St N, Nielsen’s has been located in downtown Peterborough now for 30 years. Owned and operated by the Nielsen’s for 12 years, the business was sold to Tony Bustos and his wife Marlene, who subsequently kept the name and the business flourishing! They have now operated it for over 18 years in the same location.


As one can easily imagine based on the name of the business, Nielsen’s deals with fine watches and jewellery. They have a large selection of Stirling silver, Canadian Diamonds and Italian Gold jewellery from top name producers, as well as a massive selection of watches from names such as Seiko, Rotary, Wanger, and Cardinal to name just a few. Nielsen’s also offer repairs in the shop of everything they sell from the jewellery and watches all the way to clocks. They offer sizing and soldering as well!

Tony and Marlene are happy to be a part of such a friendly and accessible downtown which they say is always evolving. They love how accessible they are to get to, with lots of parking in the area. And they enjoy seeing the vibrancy that many of the locally owned and operated shops downtown offer. As our downtown has moved to more of an arts and entertainment hub, it is great to see that such a business like Nielsen’s has been able to prosper now 30 years after it opened.

If you’re looking for a great locally owned and operated jewellery and watch shop that has a tremendous selection and smalltown friendliness to it, we suggest you give Nielsen’s Watches & Jewellery a visit.

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For more on Neilen's Watches & Jewellery (406 George St. N.), go to:
Phone: 705-742-9881
Facebook: Nielsen's Watches & Jewellery

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By Aaron Elliott