Peterborough's Best Twitter Comic & Parody Accounts Of All Time

Parody and comedic Twitter accounts are everywhere. Some are hilarious while some are just downright strange. We like most of them either way. In no particular order, here is a list of the top local accounts that fit into those categories, along with a sample tweet from each. —PTBOCanada's Aaron Elliott

1. @PtboSeinfeld – Winner of the 2012 PeterTweeter Award for top Parody Account, Jerry and his friends are always up to something completely random in town.

2. @Ptbo_Batman – Always keeping the streets of Peterborough safe!

3. @FarSidePtbo – Brings Far Side comedy to town and incorporates local accounts!

4. @PtboSloths – Porsche and Ferrari are always keeping us up to date on their new home at the the Riverview Zoo.

5. @PeterboroMan – Just a local talking about average stuff.

6.  @TrentUProblems – A place for the kids of the city's amazing university to vent their frustrations!

7.  @Ptbo_y_u_no – Asked all of the best questions in town! We wish
this account came alive again! (They haven't tweeted since 2012.)

8. @BigCityKen – Made #WelcomeToTheHiccups famous at Spankys. Quite offside, but hilarious nonetheless!

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