PTBOCanada Featured Post: Lakefield College School Sponsoring Special Event At BrandHealth


Traditionally, the idea of attending a private secondary school for many Canadian families was not considered possible. Options were usually limited to public and Catholic district school boards and were based on location. There was generally a preconceived notion that private education was reserved only for the financially or socially elite in our society.

Fast forward to today’s world and you’ll come to discover that this myth has no credibility anymore. Finally, there are viable options. If you have ever been curious about the possibility of sending your children to an independent school, you are going to want to mark January 16th on your calendar. It is then that Anne-Marie Kee, Executive Director of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), will be the guest speaker at an event geared towards showing how accessible a private school education has become—in addition to highlighting exceptional learning outcomes.

The event, which is taking place at the newly renovated BrandHealth building located at 379 George St N in downtown Peterborough, will be a real eye opener in terms of providing benefits in private school education that were once thought unattainable by most. Financial assistance programs are now breaking down barriers to open up opportunities for families to send students to independent schools in order to take advantage of their numerous benefits.

Some of these benefits include:
• top quality teachers who have freedom to be innovative, specialized settings
• enhanced learning styles
• a personalized approach with smaller student to teacher ratios
• incredible academic quality
• an incredible post-secondary success rate


Most important, independent education produces extremely happy students. The ability to choose a school that best fits the personality and overall needs of a child keeps them from being boxed into an education essentially based on location alone.

With greater accessibility through financial assistance, CAIS schools are becoming more and more a popular choice.


For more information on this event, and to RSVP, visit its sponsor Lakefield College School by clicking here.

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